Reporter Seo Jang-won = The ‘2012 Rookie King Battery’ was born in the Doosan Bears. The main characters are Jeong Cheol-won (24) and Yang Eui-ji (36).

It’s a relationship that goes round and round. In 2018, when Jung Cheol-won joined Doosan, Yang Eui-ji also belonged to Doosan, but there was no chance to meet in the first team, and after Yang Eui-ji moved to NC Dinos, the two grew apart.

In the meantime, Jung Cheol-won has grown into a bullpen pitcher representing the KBO League. After being called up to the first team for the first time on May 1 last year, he quickly established himself as the core of the bullpen and recorded 23 holds in 58 games, setting a new record for the most holds in a KBO debut season. The rookie of the year also went back to Jeong Cheol-won.

After Jeong Cheol-won spent the most brilliant year in his baseball life, Yang Eui-ji, who reacquired free agent (FA) qualification, returned to his home team. He signed a contract under the staggering condition of up to 15.2 billion won for 6 years (4 + 2 years) and returned in gold.

Jeong Cheol-won and Yang Eui-ji, who had a meal together at Doosan again, met their first battery breath at the spring camp in Sydney, Australia. This is the meeting between last year’s rookie king Jeong Cheol-won and 2010 rookie king Yang Eui-ji.

Yang Eui-ji, who received Jeong Cheol-won’s ball for the first time, gave a fighting spirit to a good ball, but gave his opinion without delay when he saw a part that needed to be corrected. Jeong Cheol-won also listened to Yang Eui-ji’s advice and immediately accepted it. We constantly communicated to understand each other’s characteristics and adapt quickly. 메이저사이트

The two will work together first in the national team before their team. They were named side by side in the final roster for the World Baseball Classic (WBC), which opens in March. Jeong Cheol-won, who has to prepare for the season faster than others, checked the breaking ball from the first day of bullpen pitching, and Yang Eui-ji praised him, saying, “The angle is big and good.”

It is also good for Doosan to work together in advance in the national team.

Cheol-Won Jeong is highly likely to play an active part in the 2023 season as well. He has no choice but to be put in at important moments such as the match, so both will and breathing are important. The same goes for Yang Eui-ji, who needs to receive as many balls as possible.

In the midst of this, after adjusting to each other based on breathing in the national team, if you enter the regular season, you can solve the game more comfortably.

Yang Eui-ji is a catcher who provides psychological stability to pitchers just by being there. For Jung Cheol-won, who has to fight the ‘2nd year jinx’ this year, Yang Eui-ji is no different from a thousand forces. If Jeong Cheol-won continues last year’s powerful performance from the beginning of the season, Doosan’s second half of this year’s game is expected to be much more comfortable.

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