American professional golf (PGA) tour stars Adam Scott (42, Australia) and Colin Morikawa (25, USA) joined TGL, a screen golf league jointly founded by Tiger Woods (47, USA) and Rory McIlroy (33, Northern Ireland). also join

TGL announced on the 24th that Scott and Morikawa signed a contract to participate in TGL, following Woods, McIlroy, Jon Ram (28, Spain) and Justin Thomas (29, USA). TGL is a new screen golf league created by TMRW Sports, a company jointly founded by Woods and McIlroy, and is scheduled to be launched in January next year. Woods and McIlroy officially announced the establishment of the company and the creation of TGL last summer.

The TGL consists of six teams, each consisting of three PGA Tour players. Among them, two teams take turns to face each other in an 18-hole match play of screen golf at a stadium in Florida, USA for two hours every Monday night. The match will be broadcast live on TV during prime time, and there will be spectators on site. 카지노

The regular season consists of 15 competitions, followed by the post season. Woods described the TGL as “the evolution of professional golf.” McIlroy said, “I’ve been pushing for this for the past two years,” and said, “It’s a great opportunity for PGA Tour players to show another side of themselves.”

The six players known to be joining TGL so far are all top stars. Scott, the 2013 Masters champion and 14-time winner on tour, said, “Anything Woods participates in has an impact. It’s great to be able to compete with superstars.” “Especially in Asia, screen golf is on the rise,” he said. “The younger generation likes the game, but screen golf is like a hybrid of golf and game.”

Morikawa, who has won two of his five career tour wins in majors, said, “Through TGL, we will be able to appeal to a wider range of golf fans and introduce golf to younger fans.” It is said that about 10 PGA Tour players have already signed contracts with TGL.

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