The ‘Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Grand Prix Cycle’, which will cover the strongest in 2022, will be held at Gwangmyeong Speedome from the 23rd to the 25th.

According to the National Sports Promotion Agency on the 20th, last year, Jeong Jong-jin (20th, 35-year-old Gimpo), who had been winning 4 consecutive Grand Prix, suddenly left the school, Changwon players did not participate, and Lim Chae-bin (25th, 31-year-old Suseong, photo ) was possible. However, this year, the best stars in both name and reality are expected to go through the preliminaries on the 23rd (Fri), the semi-finals on the 24th (Sat), and the long-awaited final on the 25th (Sun).

Defending champion Lim Chae-bin, who is on a run of 87 consecutive wins, is determined to leave an immortal history of bicycle racing by simultaneously achieving 2 consecutive victories at the Grand Prix, 90 consecutive victories since September 17 last year, and a 100% win rate for the first time in a single season of bicycle racing.메이저놀이터