Goalkeeper Kim Jun-hong was shown a yellow card for unnecessary time delay.

Kim Eun-joong and the South Korea U20 national team drew 2-2 with Honduras in the second match of their Group F match at the FIFA U20 World Cup 2023 at the Mendoza Stadium in Argentina at 6 a.m. ET on Saturday.

South Korea lined up in a 4-5-1 formation. Kim Jun-hong was in goal, while Park Chang-woo, Choi Seok-hyun, Kim Ji-soo, and Bae Seo-joon formed the defense. The midfield consisted of Kim Yong-hak, Lee Seung-won, Bae Jun-ho, Kang Sung-jin, and Kang Sang-yoon, with Lee Young-jun starting up top.

Korea and Honduras battled back and forth. Korea conceded two early goals and rallied back to tie the game at 2-2 in the second half. Both teams were desperate for a win, so the game went back and forth until the final minutes. The pattern was repeated: Korea would take a shot and Honduras would counterattack and take a shot.

Eight minutes of second-half stoppage time were awarded. South Korea scored an extra goal to win 3-2 and advance to the round of 16 with two wins. They had a relatively easy time of it in the third game against Gambia.

However, Kim Jun-hong was warned by the referee for taking too much time while preparing for a goal kick. It was a difficult call to understand. South Korea hadn’t taken the lead, and the strikers were eager to score another goal. Furthermore, Kim Jun-hong was cautioned in the first game, so he could not play in the third game due to accumulated cautions.메이저사이트

A butterfly effect ensued. Kim Jun-hong’s restarted goal kick led to a Honduran counterattack shortly afterward. At this time, central defender Choi Seok-hyun made a rough stop on the Honduran counterattack. The referee, who was right in front of him, gave Choi a warning. Choi, who had already received one caution, was sent off for accumulating cautions. He will not be able to play in Game 3. Coach Kim Eun-joong must have been thinking hard.

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