There is no good day in Korean baseball. With the opening ceremony just around the corner, incidents and accidents are happening every day.

On the 29th, three days before the opening, the baseball world is confused. Incidents are non-stop.

KBO President Heo Gu-yeon emphasizes clean baseball after taking office, but the wounds that have festered here and there for a long time are not showing signs of healing. It didn’t end with the players’ personality and behavioral issues. Now, even the leader is shocked by his deviant behavior.

It started with Seo Jun-won. On the 23rd, Seo Jun-won was prosecuted without detention for violating the Act on the Protection of Children and Adolescents’ Sexual Exploitation (production and distribution of sexual exploitation, etc.). 메이저사이트

Seo Jun-won is accused of producing sexual exploitation of children and adolescents by having a minor victim whom he learned through social media in August 2022 take and send body photos.

After recognizing that Seo Jun-won was involved in a crime involving a minor, Lotte moved quickly. On the day the news was announced, “We decided to release Seo Jun-won,” he said. We have decided to withdraw, which is the highest level without any consideration.”

The morality of the KBO League was damaged as professional baseball players committed criminal acts involving minors. Fans were also shocked. On the 28th, the KBO suspended Seo Jun-won’s participation activities in accordance with Article 152, Section 5 of the KBO Rules.

However, as the exhibition game continued, it seemed to regain stability little by little. A total of 168,050 spectators gathered at the demonstration game, which started on the 13th and ended on the 28th. Weekend games were held for a fee, but more than 50,000 fans visited the baseball field.

In this way, baseball fever seemed to be revived ahead of the opening, but another incident occurred that hit the back of the baseball fans.

This time it’s the leader. Former KIA general manager Jang Jeong-seok is known to have demanded back money from catcher Park Dong-won (LG) during contract negotiations last year.

This is shocking news. After hearing the news, the KIA club held its own disciplinary committee on the morning of the 29th and decided to dismiss former general manager Jang.

The KIA said, “Last week, we received a report that a player was requested for money during the FA negotiations. Disciplining general manager Jang based on the judgment that the wrong behavior of asking for money during negotiations with a player is unacceptable for any reason, regardless of the fact. It was referred to the committee, and the final action was taken.”

Park Dong-won, who had the transcript, reached out to the Athletes’ Association and decided to inform the KIA of the fact. Afterwards, KIA reported it to the KBO Clean Baseball Center.

The KIA is the undisputed most popular team in the KBO League. It ranks high in viewer ratings and audience mobilization. However, the director’s behind-the-scenes scandal broke out. It is highly likely to have a devastating effect on the popularity of the league.

Furthermore, KBO Media Day will be held on the 30th, the day after Jang Jeong-seok’s scandal. Media Day is a place to reveal your determination and preparation for this season. Baseball fans are also participating for the first time in four years since 2019, and it is expected that it will be a somewhat embarrassing place due to a series of accidents.

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