Ginseng Corporation accelerated the spring volleyball fight by winning the New Year’s Day confrontation with IBK, which was the most important. 

Daejeon KGC Ginseng Corporation Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s 4th round held at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the 22nd In the New Year’s Day home game against Hwaseong IBK Industrial Bank Altos, foreign player Elisabeth made a big success and Park Eun-jin, who swept as many as 6 blockings, Industrial Bank of Korea was defeated with a set score of 3-0.

With this, Ginseng Corporation climbed to the top of 10 wins, added 3 points, and with 32 points, kept 5th place behind Korea Expressway Corporation, which had yet to play one less game, with only a set score.

Foreign player Elisabeth played a big role with 22 points, and Park Eun-jin showed a big success by sweeping as many as 6 blocks, adding 9 points and making a big contribution to the team’s victory. 

On this day, Ginseng Corporation suffered from IBK’s initial concentration. However, the atmosphere began to reverse in the Elisabeth serve at the end of the first set. Ginseng Corporation, which shook IBK’s receiving line with Elisabeth’s serve, finished the first set with a come-from-behind victory and then won two sets in a row to end the game. 스포츠토토

Ginseng Corporation coach Ko Hee-jin praised the players in an interview after the game. Coach Koh said, “Today’s overall condition was good, and Jung Ho-young was sluggish, but he encouraged me to be able to do that. Today, too, it was good thanks to Yeom Hye-sun and Lee So-young, who are the main players, who held the center. If we play like today, I think we will have a good game in the future.” expressed his feelings.

In particular, he continued to praise the middle blockers, including Park Eun-jin, who played a big role on this day. “I was originally a player who could do that much, but I’m just talking in terms of experience and details,” said Coach Heejin Koh, who said, “I think it needs to get better for Korean volleyball. I hope to be reborn as a player.”

He suffered four consecutive defeats, but thanks to his good points, he was tied with the 4th place road construction and pursued with a 1 point difference with the 3rd place GS Caltex. In the spring volleyball battle that reached the point of entry, coach Goh made up his mind to win in a fierce battle.

Coach Goh said, “He is looking at the third place. He is thinking of running for that position, and he will try his best one game at a time.”

Now, Ginseng Corporation will play an away game against Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 25th. Especially when Ginseng Corporation met Heungkuk Life Insurance, its performance was not particularly good. Because of this, director Goh Hee-jin was thinking of a special method for the opponent.

Coach Hee-jin Koh, who explained that he was weak against Heungkuk Life Insurance, said, “There were various reasons.” Regarding this confrontation, he said, ” I think we need to quickly change the atmosphere of the previous defeat, so I  will prepare a little differently than usual. I prepared for Heungkuk Life Insurance. , I think you will see it in the next game. I will prepare well and play a good game.”

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