In fact, the victory recorded on this day should have been a defeat, and a previous record should not have come out. One fatal coming changed everything.

Yahoo Sports reported on the 4th (Korean time), “The NBA Secretariat officially acknowledges that Donovan Mitchell (Cleveland)’s 71-point performance should not have happened.”

What is the story? In the 2022-2023 NBA regular season match between Cleveland and Chicago Bulls held at Rocket Mortgage Field House on the 3rd, Cleveland’s Mitchell scored 71 points, and Cleveland won 145-134 in the game.

It was an extraordinary performance. With his performance on this day, Mitchell set an NBA record of 70 points and 10 assists double-double, and became the Cleveland club’s all-time leading scorer.

While everyone admired Mitchell’s performance, only one person was known to have expressed dissatisfaction with the record. Red captain Chicago coach Billy Donovan was angry, saying, “There was an obvious violation.

And, Donovan’s point turned out to be correct. The NBA Secretariat officially acknowledged the mistake in the L2M (Last 2minute Report) on the 4th, saying, “Mitchell committed a line violation with 4.7 seconds left at the end of the 4th quarter.”

The situation was like this. 4.7 seconds before the end of the fourth quarter, with Chicago leading 130-128, Mitchell deliberately missed a free throw and then converted the ball he rebounded into a putback score. The game between the two teams was tied at 130-130 and went into overtime. Mitchell scored 13 more points in the overtime.

There was a line cross in the process, but the referee did not point it out. In other words, if the referee had judged normally, it was almost certain that Chicago, who was holding the lead, would have won, and Mitchell’s final score should have been recorded only in regular time, excluding 13 points scored in overtime.

The biggest victim of this miscarriage? Not Mitchell, not Cleveland. Of course it’s Chicago. Chicago devotedly confronted Mitchell’s all-time performance and was reaping the lead with four seconds remaining. If the violation had been declared normally, Chicago would have developed an offense from out of bounds without a rebound competition. 스포츠토토

4.7 seconds, by 2 points. If Cleveland hadn’t stolen the inbound ball, it would have led to Chicago’s victory. From Chicago’s point of view, they lost one win in front of their eyes. Mitchell’s performance should never overshadow this misconception. It was a very unfortunate match for Chicago.