An official from the Orix Buffaloes, who had an evaluation match with the Korean baseball team, left an absurd ‘request’.

On the 6th, Orix played an official evaluation match against the Korean national team at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan. Orix scored by taking advantage of a series of mistakes by the Korean infield, and in the 9th inning Park Kun-Woo’s timely hit and Lee Ji-Young’s sacrifice fly allowed a two-run chase, but won 4-2.

The Korean national team struggled with mistakes, conceding runs after facing a crisis with one company on first and third base in the second inning due to two errors by Oh Ji-hwan. Joon Sohn scored 3 runs (1 earned run) in 1⅓ innings. The fifth pitcher, Jeong Cheol-won, also swallowed regret with 1 run in ⅔ innings (no run). 먹튀검증

‘Tokyo Sports’ reported the words of an Orix official who watched the evaluation match with the Korean national team on the 7th. An official said, “Korea has good pitching power and has major leaguers. Above all, it has good unity and is one with the media. The media pours out reports that Japan is not doing much, so there will be gaps to dig in. If Korea plays happily, it will be a short-term game do not know what will happen,” he said.

Another official said, “Korean players will ‘trash talk’ in Korean during the game. If something goes wrong during play, they may throw a bean ball, and rough play requires attention. Do not fall for provocations and fight calmly. . Coach Kuriyama is not that type, but if he goes over, he will stop at the opponent’s pace. It’s literally getting the opponent to put a flag on the mound again.”

The above media said, “South Korea is burning with tenacity against Japan, but three mistakes have been made and Go Woo-seok has been replaced with a neck pain, revealing anxiety in the airlift. drove Korea.

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