Sanctions that can be imposed on Manchester City, who are accused of violating English Premier League financial rules, range from fines to point reductions, and the highest punishment is expulsion from the league.

England’s The Sun released the current rankings on the 7th (Korean time) assuming Manchester City’s exit from the league, the worst-case scenario.

The Sun created a virtual leaderboard using Dover Athletic, a member of the National League in the 2020-21 season, as an example. Dover Athletic announced their withdrawal from the league due to lack of funds. 메이저사이트

With two ‘home and away’ matches held against Dover Athletic missing, the National League teams finished the season with 42 games per team instead of 44.

Manchester City have won 14, drew 3 and lost 4 in 21 games this season.

As a result, 7 games (3 draws and 4 losses) in which Manchester City gave up points will disappear.

The teams affected are the three teams that drew Newcastle United (3-3), Aston Villa (1-1) and Everton (1-1), as well as Liverpool (1-0), Brentford (2-1) and Manchester United. (2-1) and Tottenham Hotspur (1-0).

Newcastle United lost 1 point from the draw, taking them from 40 to 39 points.

Manchester United are down from 42 to 39 points as three points are gone.

Tottenham, who scored three points against Manchester City on the 6th, will also be cut from 39 points to 36 points.

The most laughable team on the leaderboard is Arsenal. Since they lost 1-2 in the match against Manchester City, there is no change in points and they remain in first place with 50 points.

In the actual leaderboard, Manchester City, which is chasing with a five-point gap, is eliminated, and Manchester United, which has an eight-point gap, and Newcastle United, which is a ten-point gap, are reduced in points, widening the gap. In the virtual leaderboard, with 39 points, they are 11 points behind the second-placed group, Newcastle United and Manchester United.

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