I welcomed the new year with great ambition, but the performance in the demonstration game was not good. Bad news overlapped with the departure of an unimaginable top-notch prospect.

An accident is just an accident, and the team must move forward without wavering. That’s how Lotte Giants ‘captain’ Ahn Chi-hong (33) feels now.

In an exhibition match against NC Dinos held at Changwon NC Park on the 24th, Lotte won a new victory by one point with a score of 6 to 5.메이저사이트

It was a pleasant victory that cut off 5 consecutive losses (including 1 draw) in demonstration matches. It was overturned even after giving up the first run, and the first home run of the demonstration game by Rex Ahn Chi-hong, the central hitter, came out. Ahn Kwon-soo, who is showing off a terrifying momentum with a batting average of 60% throughout the demonstration game, was also outstanding, including the final hit.

It is a particularly valuable day in that the team overcame the sudden departure shock caused by the illegal act of key prospect Seo Jun-won the previous day. After the game, Lotte coach Larry Sutton also said, “It feels good to win on a day like today when the atmosphere can be a bit low.

What do you think of ‘captain’ An Chi-hong? He also emphasized the ‘one team’.

An Chi-Hong, who added 2 hits including a home run, had a batting average of 2094 (5 hits in 17 at-bats) in the demonstration game. He came close to 30. An Chi-hong said, “I haven’t improved my condition yet, but it seems to be getting better,” and promised, “I will improve my physical condition as much as possible until the opening so that I can show a good image to the fans.”

He continued, “As the team’s captain, I will communicate so that the players can move forward as one.”

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