A new college graduate catcher from the baseball entertainment program ‘The Strongest Baseball’ was evaluated as a leader in the future of the Doosan Catcher Kingdom.

Yoon Jun-ho (23) is the only new player to participate in the 2023 Doosan Sydney Spring Camp in Australia. He graduated from Gyeongnam High School-Dongui University and was nominated by Doosan in the 5th round, 49th in the 2023 rookie draft, and was the only one among 11 new players to benefit from training with the first team in the first year. Manager Lee Seung-yeop said, “We need a lot of catchers because a lot of pitchers will go to this spring camp. That’s why, among the rookies, only Yoon Joon-ho was the only one on the list.”

Junho Yoon appeared on a baseball entertainment program before joining the pros. In JTBC’s Strongest Baseball’s Strongest Monsters, led by manager Lee Seung-yeop, he and Yoo Hyeon-in (KT) played catcher and infielder, respectively, and built up recognition. At the time, he grew up with the advice of great baseball players such as Park Yong-taek, Jeong Geun-woo, Yoo Hee-gwan, Jung Sung-hoon, and Shim Soo-chang, and achieved his dream of becoming a professional amid national interest. The number of views of the two players’ pro nomination video is currently recording 780,000 times.

On the 1st, Yoon Jun-ho started his first professional spring camp with a self-introduction at the Blacktown International Sports Park in Sydney, Australia. Appearing following the introduction of the three new foreign players, he said, “This is catcher Junho Yoon, who came to Doosan as a rookie. I will work hard like a rookie,” receiving applause from seniors. 

Yoon Jun-ho is diligently digesting the camp, following seniors like Yang Eui-ji, Ahn Seung-han, Jang Seung-hyun, and Park Yoo-yeon. Even in his early days, tension was intact on his face, but now he seems to have found some composure on the ground and in the bullpen. On the 5th, he teamed up with veteran left-hander Jang Won-joon, who was 15 years older, and neatly caught the ball of a senior looking for a comeback. Of course, since he is a rookie, his expression is still full of tension. 

During high school, Yoon Jun-ho put forward a stable defense and was always in charge of the main housekeeper. Afterwards, he went to college and showed off his outstanding skills in attack, and has a history of being on the U-23 Baseball World Cup national team.  온라인바카라

Then, what is the current position of pro Junho Yoon? Battery coach Yuji Serizawa, who is working hard on guiding Jun-ho Yun at the camp, said, “Jun-ho Yun’s strength is his strong shoulders. He highly evaluated his potential, saying, “I think he is the strongest among the catchers on our team.” 

Coach Serizawa, who is an expert in nurturing catchers, has closely watched Yoon Jun-ho’s play from the first day of camp. During bullpen pitching, he called Junho Yoon and handed him a drink and said, “Are you nervous? He tried to loosen up the stiff body of the rookie, saying, “You can do it while enjoying it like a rookie,” and “Shout ‘Okay’ the moment you receive the ball. That’s when it’s time to get the ball. Let’s fight while watching our seniors,” he gave technical advice.

Yoon Jun-ho has only been through a week of fresh camp, not even a real match in the pro. He obviously still has a long way to go. Coach Serizawa said, “It is not enough for a catcher to have a good shoulder. For him, catching the ball is the most important thing. Blocking and catching are the key.” 

Doosan needs to find a second catcher to support Yang Eui-ji in this spring camp. First of all, Ahn Seung-han and Jang Seung-hyun, who have relatively rich experience in the first team, are ahead of the competition, but Yoon Jun-ho is also putting effort into nurturing because the catcher is a position with many injuries and variables. 

Coach Serizawa said, “Junho Yoon may be considered as a full force this year, but ultimately, I think he can be seen as the future of Doosan. First of all, the shoulder is the strongest in our team.” 

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