Round 4 of the 2022-2023 England FA Cup. Brighton & Hove Albion (Brighton) vomited their spirits to advance to the next round by catching Liverpool. The main character was Kaoru Mitoma, a member of the Japanese national team. Kaoru Mitoma brought joy to Brighton with not only performance but also the winning goal.

Kaoru Mitoma is one of the most notable players in the English Premier League (EPL) this season as well as the FA Cup. Despite his first season in England, he is stirring up the EPL with his great dribbling ability. Every time Kaoru Mitoma tries to change direction, opposing defenders are fooled.

Brighton, who has built a lot of trust in the freshman, often passes the ball to him and seeks a way to attack. Kaoru Mitoma, who was even equipped with a ‘Son Heung-min kick’, has a premonition of his growth for a while.

British media The Sun described Kaoru Mitoma as a ‘dribbling wizard’. He has other abilities, but he was nicknamed because of his excellent dribbling skills. <The Sun> also pointed out the moment when Kaoru Mitoma directly mentioned the philosophy of dribbling. Kaoru Mi Toma even wrote a thesis on dribbling when he was in college. 안전놀이터

“It was an easy thesis topic to choose because I love dribbling. I analyzed my colleagues who dribble well and those who don’t. I searched for the reason, worked hard, and improved. I put cameras on my teammates’ heads to see what they see. , I studied what the opponent was looking at. In this process, the good players aren’t looking at the ball. They look ahead. If I can move my opponent’s body, I win.”

‘Dribbler’ Kaoru Mitoma’s skills are expected to harass opponents in the EPL for a while. In response, the Japanese media <Nikangendai> predicted that the transfer fee of Kaoru Mitoma would skyrocket.

According to ‘Transfermarkt’, a media that mainly deals with transfer market news, the transfer fee incurred by Mitoma Kaoru from Kawasaki Frontale to Brighton was 3 million euros (approximately 4 billion won). No matter what happens in the future, Kaoru Mitoma’s transfer fee is expected to well exceed 3 million euros. The market value of Mitoma Kaoru already estimated by ‘Transfermarkt’ is 8.5 million euros (approximately 11.3 billion won).

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