Looking back, it was the last dance of Korea Expressway Corporation. This is the story of the V-League Women’s Championship Final that ended on the 6th. 

As a result, the strongest team was the road construction that defeated Heungkuk Life Insurance, which was held by Yeon-kyung Kim, the ‘Volleyball Empress’ and the 1st place in the regular league. Jeong Dae-young, Bae Yu-na, Lim Myeong-ok, and Park Jung-ah, who have strong bones in the league and national team, showed the ‘power of experience’. 온라인카지노

In addition, it became the last season to play as a member of the ‘Golden Generation’. Lee Hyo-hee, the ‘eldest sister’ who led the combined championship in the 2017-18 season, retired at the end of the 2019-20 season. Jeong Dae-young and Park Jung-ah, who obtained FA (free agent) qualifications, transferred to GS Caltex and Pepper Savings Bank, respectively. Park Jung-ah signed the upper limit of her remuneration (775 million won) that Kim Yeon-kyung received while signing with Heungkuk Life Insurance. It is a 3 year contract. Jeong Dae-yeong, the oldest active duty player, also receives 300 million won. The road construction was also unable to get ahead of the team’s supply offensive aimed at reinforcing power. 

In an interview with reporters who won the championship after winning Game 5 of the championship match, Bae Yoo-na was asked if she was conscious of the fact that there were many players who obtained free agency qualifications. Bae Yoo-na 

and Moon Jeong-won are expected to remain, but the contract has not yet been announced. However, with the departure of the eldest sister Jeong Dae-young, the ‘twin tower’ built with Bae Yoo-na was broken, and the transfer of ace Park Jung-ah The road construction, which has risen to the top thanks to coach Kim Jong-min’s leadership and experienced players’ teamwork, now needs a rebuild. 

The road construction became the first team in history to win the championship after losing in the first and second games of the championship match. When we lost the second game, the chance of winning was 0%. 

Head coach Kim Jong-min encouraged the players ahead of the 5th game, saying, “Whether it remains on the record or whether it remains in the memory for a moment depends on the 5th game. 

” The ‘Miracle of 0%’ of the Korea Expressway Corporation should now be engraved in the memory as well as the record. Park Jung-ah will be able to reunite with the Korea Expressway Corporation in three years, but it will be difficult for Jeong Dae-young to return. Reporter Ahn Hee- 

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