The most nominated candidates for the 2023 KBO League championship by coaches were LG and KT. SSG, which won the ‘Wire-to-Wire’ combined championship last year, was turned away with only (?) 2 votes. 

At the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO Media Day held at the Grand Hyatt Seoul Grand Ballroom on the 30th, managers of 10 clubs received a common question: “Please pick two teams that you are likely to meet in fall baseball.” It means to select multiple teams that are likely to win.  메이저사이트

As a result, LG and KT tied for first place with 6 votes each. It is predicted that LG, which has been consistently evaluated for winning power over the past few years, and KT, the winning team two years ago, will form a two-way system. SSG coach Kim Won-hyung, Kiwoom Hong Won-ki, KIA coach Kim Jong-guk, Samsung coach Park Jin-man, and Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop pointed out LG and KT equally. 

Manager Kim Won-hyung predicted, “The pitching balance is good, and looking at the postseason experience, it seems that one of the two teams will play the last game with us.” Coach Hong Won-ki said, “The players and coaches have accumulated experience in a stable starting lineup.” Coach Kim Jong-guk also replied, “The pitching power is the most stable.” Manager Park Jin-man highly regarded the mounds of the two teams, saying, “You must have good pitching power in long-term races.” Coach Lee Seung-yeop also said, “Pitching power is important. The two teams, KT and LG, will definitely go to the postseason.” 

Then Kiwoom got 3 votes. Kiwoom was filmed by NC coach Kang In-kwon, Lotte coach Larry Sutton, and Hanwha coach Carlos Subero. Coach Sutton said, “Kiwoom had a magical season last year. There are players with good athletic nerves, and they showed a good appearance as a team until the end.” Coach Subero also evaluated, “Kiwoom is growing every year centered on domestic players.” 

SSG, the winning team last year, received only two votes from LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop and Sutton. Director Yeom, who selected SSG along with KT, summarized, “The strengths of both teams are that they have 5 clear starting pitchers, and the composition of the other line is very good.” Manager Sutton said, “There are many strong pitchers in last year’s winning lineup,” he explained the reason for the point. 

It is a bit surprising that SSG, who is the defending champion but received only (?) 2 votes, ended up in 4th place. Foreign pitcher Wilmer Font, who was a key member of last year’s championship, left for the United States to challenge the big leagues, and Annie Romero, who was brought in as an alternate starter, was inevitably absent at the beginning of the season due to a shoulder injury. 

With the military enlistments of Kim Taek-hyung and Jang Ji-hoon, the transfer of Lee Tae-yang (Hanwha), and the return of Moon Seung-won to the start, there are concerns about the overall weakening of the bullpen. It is a team with the highest average age (28.9 years old), and the fact that there are many veterans among the key players is also a factor of concern. For veteran players, each year is different. Aging, a sudden drop in movement, cannot be ignored. 

Next, KIA, Samsung, and Hanwha received one vote each. It drew attention that KT coach Lee Kang-cheol singled out Samsung and Hanwha, which are considered to be in the lower ranks, side by side. Coach Lee said, “The performance of the demonstration game was good, and there are players with potential. Baseball is something you don’t know.” On the other hand, NC, Lotte, and Doosan did not receive even one vote. Director Lee Seung-yeop, who newly took over the Doosan baton, bit his teeth with a bitter smile, saying, “I am grateful for a calm evaluation.” /

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