The total amount of transfer fees incurred in the winter transfer market in January was a whopping $ 1.57 billion, or about 2 trillion won. More than half of these were used by English clubs.

According to the ‘FIFA International Transfer Snapshot’ recently announced by the International Football Federation (FIFA), the transfer fee generated through the transfer market in January was $1.57 billion, a 49.4% increase compared to January last year. This is more than the same month of 2018, when the highest transfer fee occurred. 바카라사이트

In addition to transfer fees, a total of 4,387 transfers were made, the most active transfers since the start of counting in 2010. This is a 14.4% increase from 3,834 during the same period last year. Vitality has returned to the transfer market, which was stagnant in the aftermath of Corona 19.

It was definitely the English clubs that led the transfer market. Clubs belonging to the England Football Association spent a whopping 896.8 million dollars (approximately 1.14 trillion won) in transfer fees last month alone. English clubs spent 57.3%, more than half of the total transfer fee.

The country that spent the second most transfer fee after England was France with 131.9 million dollars (approximately 167.6 billion won), but the gap with England was wide. It was followed by Germany ($85.8 million, about 109.1 billion won), Portugal ($47.6 million, about 60.5 billion won), Spain ($44.2 million, about 56.2 billion won), and the Netherlands ($23.2 million, about 29.5 billion won).

Brazil was the country that brought in the most players through the winter transfer window and exported the most players. As for the total transfer type, free contracts accounted for the most at 62%, followed by rental transfers (14.8%), full transfers (13.1%), and rental returns (10%). Of the transfers that incurred transfer fees, 52.4% of them were between the ages of 18 and 23.

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