“Rather than feeling burdened, I just want to make a lot of money.”

Kim Min-hyuk (27), who is called the next 4th hitter for the Doosan Bears, smiled broadly as he revealed his aspirations. Kim Min-hyeok is a gun that Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop is keeping an eye on this year. He attracted attention with his powerful batting from the finish camp in October of last year, and in this Australian spring camp, Doosan head coach Kim Han-soo is almost exclusively in charge of guiding Kim Min-hyeok. This is the part where you can see how much expectations and sincerity this coach and the club are pouring into.

In the eyes of coach Lee, the ‘national hitter’, Kim Min-hyeok was a hitter who hit quite sensibly. Coach Lee said, “I have a great physique, so I have good strength, but I have a hitting sense that pushes and pulls more than I thought.” expected to be

Kim Min-hyeok fully feels the gaze of director Lee. But he doesn’t consider it a burden. He laughed, saying, “I just want to make a lot of money. It would be nice if I hit a lot of home runs, but my goal is to go out and play in many games.”

Kim Min-hyeok signed an annual salary of 45 million won this year. After joining Doosan in 2015, he crossed the 40 million won annual salary wall in 9 years. He has always received an amount close to the minimum annual salary of a professional baseball player (30 million won), but now he has taken a big leap forward. No wonder he wants to play baseball well so that he can raise his salary once more.

In order to grow one step further, I do not always want to forget the teachings of Doosan number 4 hitter Kim Jae-hwan (35). Kim Jae-hwan was a senior who took care of him especially well from the time he was living with Kim Min-hyuk in District 2. The rugged baseball lives of the two players are quite similar. Since high school, he has attracted attention with his giant gun, and after coming to the pros, he raised expectations as the next 4th hitter, but stayed in the 2nd group for most of his 20s and was labeled a ‘long-term prospect’.

In 2016, nine years after joining Doosan in 2008, Kim Jae-hwan leaped to the starting lineup and hit 37 home runs, quickly establishing himself as the irreplaceable number 4 hitter. Ahead of last season, he signed a large free agency contract with Doosan for 4 years and 11.5 billion won, and the wait was over. There is no law forcing Kim Min-hyeok to go down this path. 온라인카지노

Kim Min-hyeok said, “I was not a long-distance hitter until high school, but a mid-to-long-distance hitter. When I was in the 2nd team and (Kim) Jae-hwan hyung was in the 2nd team, he kept telling me, ‘Don’t do anything else, hit 150% unconditionally’. He said that you have to hit 150% during practice to get a swing that you can hit 100% during the game. He still talks about this a lot. When I was practicing in the 2nd team, I saw and learned from Jaehwan hyung’s practice, so now I am a hitter who can hit farther. It’s done.” I looked back.

He continued, “Like last year, Jaehwan told me to take 100 swings at a garden and go in. He told me to go to an away game and swing 100 even if I arrive late in the morning, and to go home after swinging at home games. It helps me a lot. I ask Jaehwan hyung a lot and listen to his feedback a lot. Jaehwan hyung takes care of me a lot, and opportunities are created by me. I want to be the center hitter of the team.”

In order to repay coach Lee’s trust, he has a strong will to achieve results this year. Kim Min-hyeok said, “It was really nice to be able to play my own baseball while getting a chance at the end of last year. If you are a professional player, your first goal is to play in the first team. I want to play more games this year than last year.”

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