A photo posted by the Mallorca club has stunned fans.

Mallorca posted a photo on their official social media account on March 23 (KST). Under the caption “Fear or Death,” the club posted a photo of Lee Kang-in being choked by teammate Jose Manuel Copete.

While the photo itself was taken during a moment of mutual mischief, the timing and content of the post is inappropriate given the recent racism in Spanish soccer.

Recently, Valencia fans insulted Real Madrid striker Vinicius Junior by calling him a “monkey,” drawing criticism from around the world.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation, Real Madrid, soccer legends, and even the president of Brazil have criticized the incident.

During the Valencia-Real Madrid match on Nov. 22, the Valencia crowd shouted racial slurs at Vinicius, who ended up in tears after an altercation with the crowd.

In second-half stoppage time, a video of Vinicius being choked by Hugo Duro during a collision with the Valencia goalkeeper was broadcast around the world.

Mallorca appeared to be parodying the scene, but the criticism was that it didn’t take into account the seriousness of the situation.

Fans asked, “When did we sign Hugo Duro?” and “If we don’t take it down, Koreans will accuse Mallorca of being a racist club.”메이저사이트

Meanwhile, after the Vinicius racism incident, it became known that Mallorca called Lee Kang-in a “chino,” raising questions about the lack of awareness of racism in Spain.

A training video posted by the club’s official YouTube account showed Lee Kang-in being referred to as a chino by his teammates and coach Javier Aguirre, who is a big fan of Lee Kang-in, which shocked fans at home.

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