Sudden breakup with my partner of 4 years. He said that even the mention of his name made him cry. However, when the story of the new partner came up, he smiled.

LG Twins foreign ace Casey Kelly created the best form for four years with starting catcher Yoo Kang-nam. He also created an amazing record of pitching 5 or more innings in 75 consecutive games, the most ever, with Yoo Kang-nam.

But now Kangnam Yoo has left for the Lotte Giants. He left after receiving a large sum of 8 billion won for 4 years.

When Kelly talked about Yoo Kang-nam’s transfer, she said, “I felt like I was going to talk about Yoo Kang-nam even before the interview. Even just talking about Kang-nam would bring me to tears.” He said he expected to be together in the 2023 season as well. However, Yoo Kang-nam chose to transfer. Kelly said, “I was happy about the news of Yoo Kang-nam’s contract. He is a player who deserves the same amount of treatment.” because,” he said. He continued, “The important thing is that the friendship between me and Kangnam Yoo will continue. We will continue to keep in touch often.” 스포츠토토

Soon after, when asked about Park Dong-won, who came to the spot where Yoo Kang-nam left, he smiled. Kelly said, “Friendship with Kangnam Yoo is friendship,” and “I am very happy that Dongwon Park came to our team.”

Kelly said, “I played against Park Dong-won when he was at Kiwoom and KIA, but he is a player who always gave me a hard time at the plate.” highly appreciated. He also had expectations on defense. He said, “He is also good at pitching lead and blocking, so I feel good when I think we will play together.”

Park Dong-won not only has his long hitting power, but also has the ability to stop stealing because of his excellent throw to second base. Kelly allowed 15 stolen bases last season and caught only three. Her stolen base percentage is 83.3%. She matches with Park Dong-won and wonders how many stolen bases she can catch.

She said, “I will talk a lot with Park Dong-won and try to develop a relationship,” she said.

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