What kind of flower is there at the training ground?

One minor event further upgraded the team atmosphere. This is the story of Jeju United, which is accelerating preparations for the next season in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in the best atmosphere.

Jeju left for field training in Chiang Mai on the 5th. On the 13th, a week later, after afternoon training was over, an unknown barrel the size of a drum entered the training ground. The players, coaches and coaching staff watched the barrel with a bewildered expression, and the club presented them with a hand-prepared hwachae.

It was a surprise. According to the club officials, Pro Player Lee Do-yoon of the Athlete Support Team voluntarily prepared the painting. He went to the grocery store for the ingredients needed for the hwachae, and before the training was over, he went into the hotel restaurant to prepare the hwachae and bring it to the training ground. 스포츠토토

Hwachae was filled with various fruits, including 15 watermelons, tropical lychees, passion fruits, and canned peaches. The hwachaetong was so heavy that four adult men could barely lift it.

Smiles spread across the faces of the players who were sweating like rain. In the temperature of over 30 degrees, the exhausted players were busy making hwachae and putting it in their mouths. Director Ki-il Nam, whom he had never known, was also satisfied. After dinner, the players were hungry for leftover hwachae.

In other words, the sincerity of the club’s front desk energized the team with the director. You can feel the atmosphere of off-season Jeju from the stories the players tell. Defender Yeon Je-woon, who will wear the Jeju uniform at Seongnam FC, said, “The team atmosphere is very good.” Brazilian duo Hayes and Yuri Jonatan, who joined the team, also said in unison, “It seems like a team with a good atmosphere.”

Director Nam also admitted it. He, who has been with Jeju for four years this year, said, “There are parts that the players want to do voluntarily, and the movements for the team are visible. That’s why the atmosphere is so good. He is in his 11th year as a manager this year, but he is feeling another excitement,” he laughed.

The synergy effect coming from inside and outside the field, Chiang Mai and Jeju were receiving it properly.

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