How will Tottenham manager Antonio Conte give tactical instructions?

The British media ‘Evening Standard’ said on the 2nd (Korean time), “Coach Conte, who recently underwent surgery, will not be able to sit on the bench against Manchester City this coming weekend.” We will be in direct contact with head coach Christian Stellini, who is on the bench.”

The Tottenham coaching staff can use the so-called ‘walkie-talkie magic’ tactic. When a coach is not allowed to sit on the bench due to an ejection disciplinary action, it is often seen in soccer games that the coach communicates with the coaches on the bench via walkie-talkie. Now that the times have developed, it is possible to communicate with mobile phones and tablet PCs instead of walkie-talkies.

Conte recently underwent surgery for cholecystitis 안전놀이터. The Tottenham club said, “Recently, coach Conte complained of severe stomach pain. He has been diagnosed with cholecystitis and will be operated on immediately. He announced that he will return soon after seeing his recovery status.”

After completing his surgery, Coach Conte said, “Thank you to the fans who sent me lovely messages of support. His surgery was successfully completed. Condition is recovering. He said, “I want to return to the ground as soon as possible and lead Tottenham.”

Tottenham have a busy road to go. On the 6th, we will face Man City at home. On the 12th, Leicester City away, and on the 15th, the European Champions League round of 16 AC Milan away game is scheduled. The timing of Conte’s return is still undecided.

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