“I will make it a good experience,” said Sung Yu-jin, who unfortunately missed the opportunity to win the LPGA Tour Lotte Championship in overtime.

Seong Yu-jin, who has been playing on the KLPGA tour since 2019, won his first win at the Lotte Open last year. He participated in this year’s Lotte Championship as the winner of the Lotte Open.

Sung Yu-jin took the lead in the 2nd and 3rd rounds and created a sensation. If she kept her lead even in the final round, she could have become the first invited player to win after Lydia Ko in August 2013 at the Canadian Pacific Women’s Open.

Eight months after Maya Stark at the ISPS Handa World Invitational in August of last year, she also becomes the LPGA Tour ‘non-member’ champion. Above all, she was able to go straight to the ‘dream stage’ of the LPGA Tour and qualify for the Chevron Championship, her first major event of the season.

In the final round of the tournament held on the 16th (Korean time), Seong Yu-jin was one stroke behind the leader with the 18th hole left. On the final 18th hole, she hit a crisis when she fell her second shot into a bunker. However, she landed the ball on the green with a perfect bunker shot and made a dramatic overtime with a birdie.온라인카지노

But on the first hole of her extension, she made a painful mistake. Seong Yu-jin sent the ball to the other side of the green for her third approach shot. She passed the hole about 5m and missed the par putt, writing down her bogey.

She made an aggressive play to catch a birdie, and the miss shot came out. In the end, Grace Kim, who recorded a birdie, won the championship.

Seong Yu-jin, who missed the opportunity to become the protagonist of the Cinderella story on the LPGA Tour, was spirited. After the game, Seong Yu-jin said, “I had a good experience in my golf life,” and promised, “I learned a lot in every aspect, including swing and mindset. I will keep today’s experience in mind and play on the KLPGA tour.”

KLPGA Tour ‘Rookie’ Kim Min-byeol missed the runner-up because of a moment’s carelessness. On the 16th, Minbyul Kim left a 2.2m birdie putt in the 18th hole of the final round of the Mediheal and Hankook Ilbo Championships. Had he birdied, he could have finished alone second.

But he couldn’t put a birdie putt into the hole. The 27cm par putt was too easy. The ball he accidentally hit went past the hole. A birdie opportunity led to a bogey disaster.

Because of one putt, the ranking went down to 3rd place. In this tournament, he recorded his personal best performance on the KLPGA tour, but it was a putt that left much to be desired.

He also lost nearly 50 million won in prize money. Kim Bim-byeol tied for third place and won 47 million won in prize money. If he finished the tournament tied for second place with Park Hyun-kyung, he could have received 95 million won, half of 190 million won. This means that he lost 48 million won with just one putt.

On this day, Seong Yu-jin and Kim Min-byeol had a ‘valuable experience’ that a moment’s mistakes and carelessness could lead to failure. Even greater lessons may have been learned from the bitter experience.

Sung Yu-jin was born in 2000 and Kim Min-byeol in 2004. They are now in their early 20s or still in their teens. It means being young and having a bright future. As a golfer, there is more to be achieved than what has been achieved so far.

We look forward to Seong Yu-jin and Kim Min-byeol, who will not forget the valuable experience of the day and will grow one step further as professional golfers.

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