Doosan’s rookie right-hander Kim Yoo-seong (21) showed off his potential in his second appearance in the Futures League. 

Kim Yoo-seong started the home game against Goyang Heroes in the 2023 KBO Futures League held at Bears Park in Icheon on the 14th and blocked it with 5 hits, 2 walks, 9 strikeouts and 3 runs in 5⅔ innings. He pitched scoreless well into the fifth inning, although he gave up three runs in the sixth. 

His 190 cm tall straight ball was powerful. According to KBO broadcasting standards, his highest speed of 149 km was measured. Out of 8 strikeouts, 4 were looking strikeouts, and aggressive pitching and left and right corner work were well done. Even after the 80th pitch, he also showed stamina with a 147-149km fastball. 메이저사이트

On the 7th, in the Futures League match against Hanwha at Seosan Stadium, Kim Yu-seong, who made his first official appearance in the KBO league, recorded 1 hit (1 home run), 4 walks, 4 strikeouts and 1 run in 4 innings. A solo home run hit by Jang Jin-hyeok was the only run, but the ball was shaken with 4 walks. However, in his second appearance on the day, his pitching was stable with one walk. Although he had a breaking ball, he was good at throwing fastballs overall. 

In the first inning, Lee Byeong-gyu was treated as a center fielder’s fly ball in the first pitch and Kim Joo-hyeong as a left fielder’s fly ball in two pitches. With a full 147km fastball on the outside, he struck out looking. He then allowed Yang Kyung-shik to go on the first base with a double that fell to the left of left fielder, but struck out Kim Gun-hee with a low outside 147km fastball swinging in vain. 

In the 3rd inning, after catching Lee Seung-won in center fielder, Si-Ang Kim got a heavy hit, but he struck out Lee Byeong-gyu with a 144km high fastball on a swing and struck out Kim Joo-hyung with a 148km fastball from the outside, showing off his power. In the 4th inning, he gave up a walk to leader Lim Ji-yeol, but after inducing Joo Seong-won with a shortstop double hit, Jeon Byung-woo caught a fly ball in left field to end the inning. In the 5th inning, Kim Yoo-seong caught Yang Gyeong-shik with a straight hit from the shortstop and struck out Kim Kun-hee and Lee Seung-won with sharp outside and inside fastballs, respectively, boosting his momentum.

The crisis came in the 6th episode. After sending the leader Siang Kim out on a walk after a full count game, Lee Byeong-gyu hit right handed and put the 1st and 2nd bases in danger. In the first run, second and third bases, which led to Kim Joo-hyung’s floating ball in left field, Lim Ji-yeol was hit with two RBIs that fell to the right over the second baseman’s height, and the scoreless march was broken. Kim Yu-seong, who also allowed an additional run while being hit by Joo Seong-won with an RBI double in the left field, struck out Jeon Byung-woo with a 147km high fastball. 

Kim Yoo-seong, who recorded a total of 91 pitches, handed the mound to left-hander Lee Byung-hun at second out and third base. With a 5-3 lead situation, the conditions for a starter were met. As Lee Byung-hun finished the inning without any additional runs, Kim Yu-seong’s run ended with 3 runs. The Futures League ERA rose from 2.25 to 3.72. 

Yuseong Kim, a right-handed orthodox student from Gimhae High School, received the first nomination from the NC team in 2021. However, as the school violence controversy arose later, NC decided to withdraw the nomination for the first time, and Kim Yu-seong went to Korea University. In September of last year, when he was in his sophomore year, he was selected by Doosan as the 19th overall pick in the second round through an early draft. There was a label of school violence, but Doosan, who saw his talent highly, took it even after enduring opposition from public opinion, and paid 150 million won as a down payment to join. /

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