The crowd chanted “Russia” to a player from Ukraine at an American college basketball game.

Local media such as ‘ESPN’ introduced what happened in the men’s basketball game between Utah State University and Colorado State University held at the Moby Arena in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA on the 5th.

According to this, some spectators cheering for Colorado State, the home of the opposing team, chanted “Russia” as Max Shulga, a Ukrainian guard of Utah State, attempted a free throw.

Ukraine is currently under Russian invasion. Shulga also left her family in danger of war and came to the United States to play as an athlete. 토토사이트

Colorado State University has since apologized for this. They drew a line as “unacceptable behavior”, mentioning that the slogan “Russia” was “a slogan chanted by a small number of individuals.”

Through his team, Utah State University, Shulga thanked his opposing team and coach for their support and understanding. “My family and loved ones who are far away are going through really hard times and are in constant danger,” he said. I pray every day that this conflict will end and peace will come to Ukraine,” he added.

He also showed an apology from the opposing university and fans, saying, “I know that in a situation where emotions are intensified due to competition, people may say things that are really unintended.”

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