I enjoyed not only the ‘Wonder Goal’ but also the save show. Today (10th) in the European Champions League, the best teams met and held a semi-final like a final.

This is reporter Onnuri.


< Real Madrid: Man City|European Champions League semi-finals, first leg >

Vinicius’ shot from outside the penalty box was sucked right into the post.

With the active help of Camavinga, the ball kicked between the two defenders broke through the expected value of only 0.06 and led to the opening goal, drawing cheers from the home fans.

However, in the second half, Man City turned the game around with a similar wonder goal.

De Bruyne received a pass from Gundogan near the penalty box and put a right-footed mid-range gun into it.

Gundogan passed the ball to De Bruyne instead of defending Haalan and scored a golden equalizer.

A good shot in today’s game… The gestures of the goalkeepers who made good saves also captivated the fans.온라인카지노

Real goalkeeper Courtois blocked Rodri’s mid-range shot in the first half and De Bruyne’s decisive shot in the second half, while Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson cut off Benzema’s shot and Chuameni’s mid-range shot in the second half to fight save.

Following last season, the two teams met in the semifinals again this time, drawing 1-1 in the first leg and deciding the winner in the second leg a week later.

Last season, Real Madrid lost by one point in the first leg, but won the second leg at home by two goals to reach the final and win the 14th championship cup in their arms.

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