Correspondent Ban Jin-hyeok = Real Madrid, Liverpool and Manchester City deserve attention.

The soccer statistics site’livescore’ recently highlighted the 2023 soccer player ransom rankings selected by the International Center for Sports Research (CIES) under the International Football Federation (FIFA).

Number one is Jude Bellingham. It was judged to be worth a whopping 208.2 million euros (approximately 279.1 billion).

Bellingham is showing off a tremendous presence even at the young age of 19. He has established himself as the core of midfield and is even serving as Dortmund’s captain.

Positive evaluations continue that Bellingham can play both central and side midfielders, and is equipped with his sharp kicking ability.

In particular, at the World Cup in Qatar, he made his mark by showing off his brilliant appearance in scoring, coordination, linkage, and passing along with the scoring gun.

Real Madrid, Liverpool and Man City are said to be ready to move for Bellingham’s signing.

In second place is Manchester City’s Phil Foden, who was valued at 205 million euros 카지노.

Kylian Mbappe, valued at 190.7 million euros (approximately 255.9 billion won) as the top scorer at the World Cup in Qatar, finished third.

They are followed by Vinicius Jr., Erling Holland, Fedri, Pablo Gavey, Jamal Musiala, Joszko Gbardiol and Federico Valverde.

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