Superstars don’t make themselves. In order to be the best, they have to refrain from a lot of things from a young age and stay in the same routine for the rest of their lives.

Many people still think that it’s a matter of having the natural talent or ability to be the best on the field and to make the fans cheer and go crazy. However, we often see that there is a huge difference between what you see and what you get.안전놀이터

Many people still imagine themselves playing well on the field. In order to be at your best on the field, you need to keep training behind the scenes and constantly work on your game. At the same time, you have to keep a disciplined life and routine. It’s more than we think. The general public doesn’t know much.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that fans don’t see. The fighters have sleepless nights, they have a hard time. There are many times when they struggle with themselves and their fights.

We see their skills and their performance, but they have to spend their youth without enjoying life in order to perform well. Star athletes and the best athletes live their entire lives for the dreams, hopes, desires, and purposes that they have deep inside them since childhood, for patience, discipline, and passion.

The best stars are the ones who know how to persevere and wait. They strive to be the best they can be, but it’s often not immediately visible. You have to be patient, patient with yourself, and patient for many years.

To become a top athlete, you need to have a long list of dreams, hopes, passion, and determination. These athletes have already started preparing for their future dreams from a young age.

Some athletes think about it from a young age, while others take action towards their goals. It’s the doers who change the world, not the thinkers. You must always be prepared to take what is yours. The world is only for the prepared. Never forget that everything starts from within.

When we become a player who dominates and leads the environment instead of being dragged by it, our desires will become a reality instead of a dream.

Lee Man-soo, former SK coach – Chairman, Hulk Foundation

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