KIA Tigers’ preparation for the season is often caught up in the weather.

KIA left Incheon International Airport on the 30th of last month (Korean time) and set up a spring camp at Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA. After digesting the schedule focused on technical training in Tucson, KIA planned to play a practice game with the national team on the 20th and NC Dinos on the 22nd and 23rd, and then go to Korea on the 25th and head to the second camp in Okinawa, Japan.

However, KIA went through a difficult schedule from the first camp. In Arizona, the temperature dropped sharply than usual, and in the middle of this month, the morning temperature dropped to -2 to 3 degrees Celsius, and snow and hail fell in the morning. In addition, the NC game on the 22nd was canceled due to heavy rain after the game started, and the game on the 23rd was canceled due to strong winds from dawn and replaced with morning training.

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk conducted an interview for the first camp settlement on the 24th and said, “The baseball field environment was good, so there was no problem in training, but the weather was a bit cold and rainy. I wanted to play at least one practice game with NC. Yesterday (23rd) It was too cold. The day before yesterday (22nd), I was able to play before it rained, but suddenly the weather changed (heavy rain). I should have played at least one game,” he lamented.

In Okinawa, as well, in recent years, due to abnormal weather and heavy rain in February, about 1/3 of KBO club practice games are canceled or suspended. For this reason, KIA held a practice game from Arizona early on, but even this was canceled due to Arizona’s strange weather, which disrupted preparation for the season.

A bigger variable occurred on the way from Arizona. KIA headed to Los Angeles International Airport from Tucson to go to Incheon on the 24th local time. However, as a blizzard warning was issued in LA for the first time in 34 years since 1999, up to 1,000 flights were canceled, and the plane with the KIA team made a diverted landing at a nearby airport. KIA, who was scheduled to take a night flight, had no choice but to stay nearby and catch a flight the next morning. 먹튀검증

KIA was scheduled to leave for Okinawa on the morning of the 26th when it landed in Incheon at dawn, but it arrived in Incheon at 5:30 pm on the same day, so there were changes to the Okinawa flight. KIA said, “The schedule for Okinawa has not yet been confirmed. We will announce the updated details later.”

After about two months of off-season, the players who had to pick up the pace for the opening day in April were tied up in LA. In the worst case, there is a possibility of staying in Incheon for another day on the 26th and leaving for Okinawa on the 27th. KIA is scheduled to have a practice game against Hanwha at King Stadium in Okinawa on the 28th, and I am concerned about whether they will be able to prepare for the practice game right away.

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