What will be the fate of left-handed pitcher Kang Ri-ho (33, former name Kang Yun-gu), who still remains as an FA contract holder?

Kang Ri-ho, who pitched in 29 games last year and threw 21⅓ innings with an ERA of 5.48 without a win or loss, acquired the right to free agency and exercised it. He was given a C grade that was relatively free to transfer, but he did not attract much attention in the market.

In fact, the negotiation window was Lotte Hana. Lotte, the original team, offered Kang Ri-ho an annual salary of 73 million won for one year of the contract period. Suggesting a frozen salary from last season.

Kang Ri-ho’s side had a different idea. He demanded that the suspension be released when the one-year contract expires because he would accept an annual salary cut of 60 million won. Kang Ri-ho’s agent said in an interview with ‘SpotTV News’ on the 1st, “It is true that Lotte proposed a salary freeze plan. Negotiations did not take place because Lotte opposed it.” 먹튀검증

Unlike the major leagues, according to the KBO rules, even if a free agent signs a one-year contract, he cannot become a ‘free body’ after one year. It takes four years to reacquire FA qualification.

However, if the club and the player ‘agree’, the retention right can be released after a certain period of time. A close example is Han Hyun-hee. Lotte signed a contract with FA pitcher Han Hyun-hee last month for up to 4 billion won for 3+1 years, and decided to give Han Hyun-hee the right to execute a kind of opt-out after the 2025 season if he achieves the grades set by the club for 3 years. It is the same case that Lotte signed a contract with Ahn Chi-hong in 2020 for up to 5.6 billion won for 2+2 years.

Kang Ri-ho’s side also asked Han Hyun-hee to give up the reservation right, but Lotte said there was no reason to accept it. An official from the Lotte club said, “From the player’s point of view, you can also claim to release the right to reserve,” understanding Kang Ri-ho’s request, but said, “We continued negotiations, but the player is sticking to the stance of giving up the right to reserve.” stated that there is no

Lotte has already entered the spring camp in Guam from the 1st. It would be perfect to secure even one left-handed bullpen, which is pointed out as the team’s weakness, but it is difficult to blindly accept the player’s position. In the end, if an agreement on the reservation is not reached, the possibility of a reunion between the two sides will gradually disappear.

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