Park Woo-hyuk, the national taekwondo champion, will challenge for a second consecutive world championship title.

Park Woo-hyeok, who surprisingly won the gold medal in the under-80kg world championships at the last world championship, is determined to win the upcoming competition.

Reporter Park Ji-woon met.


Park Woo-hyuk won the national team selection competition on the 8th and proudly wore the Taegeuk mark once again.

Park Woo-hyuk reached the top of the men’s under 80kg World Championships in November last year.

In the ‘horse 80kg’, which was considered a weak weight class in Korea, it brought a gold medal in 23 years since Jang Jong-oh in 1999.

<Park Woo-hyeok / National Taekwondo Representative> “The -80kg weight class (Korea) has never been able to compete in the Olympics… I thought a lot about who would do it, really…”

Korean players such as Park Woo-hyuk, who recently won the world championship, and Seo Kun-woo, who reached the top of the Grand Prix, are showing off their good skills in the 80kg or less class.

Park Woo-hyuk, who is 192cm tall, is never pushed behind in terms of physical condition even compared to foreign players.

<Park Woo-hyeok / National Taekwondo Representative> “In the case of me and Kun-woo, they are fast, strong, and have good height, so aren’t they doing well…” 스포츠토토

Park Woo-hyuk is particularly confident in front-footed kicks and right-footed round kicks.

We will once again go hunting for gold at the World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan in May.

<Park Woo-hyeok / National Taekwondo Representative> “My goal is to be number one.”

With the growth of Taekwondo heavyweight hopefuls, expectations are growing that Korea will be able to achieve good results at the Paris Olympics next year.

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