Head coach Park Hang-seo returned to Korea after spending time with the Vietnamese soccer team.

He expressed his determination to work as a manager for the next two or three years.

Director Park Hang-seo, who returned with his bright face, was bombarded with autographs from fans and cameras from reporters. 온라인바카라

[Park Hang-seo/Former Vietnamese national soccer team coach: Oh, why did so many people come out (at the airport)?]

Coach Park, who turned 64 this year, had a beautiful farewell last month with the Vietnamese national team, which he had led for over 5 years.

He said he no longer intends to coach in South Korea or Vietnam, but would like to take up the helm again if offers come from elsewhere.

[Park Hang-seo/Former Vietnam national soccer team coach: Personally and physically, I think I can do 2-3 more years in the field.

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