The moment I score an own goal into the goalpost I’m guarding, it must be the worst situation a goalkeeper would ever want to imagine. However, there was a more embarrassing ‘absurd mistake’ than that. Last weekend, the Premier League struggled with goalkeepers.

This is Reporter Moon Sang-hyeok.


< Aston Villa 2:4 Arsenal|Premier League (Last 18th) >

In the second half of extra time, it was the goalkeeper, not the striker, who shook the tight 2-2 game.

The opponent’s mid-range shot ricocheted off the post and wiped his chest, but his luck was fleeting.

Rather, the bouncing ball hit the goalkeeper’s body and went into the goal, scoring an own goal.

Martinez also became the first player in the Premier League to score an own goal against his own team.

In addition, right before the end of the game, he made a mistake and conceded another goal.

Martinez, who emptied the goal at the opportunity of a corner kick and went up to the opponent’s goal, had to watch as the opponent’s counterattack continued, starting with the ceremony and scoring a goal at the empty goal. 먹튀검증

[Unai Emery/Aston Villa coach: I never told my goalkeeper to score in the 92nd minute.]

< Newcastle 0:2 Liverpool|Premier League (last 19th) > A

more embarrassing scene came out.

Goalkeeper Pope boldly emptied the net after the opposing goalkeeper’s long goal kick and ran out of the penalty box.

I tried to kick the ball away with my body, but I couldn’t get the timing right.

The bewildered goalkeeper grabbed the ball and kicked his fellow defenders as well.

The most embarrassing mistake ever made and even received a three-game suspension, but the team also took on the aftermath.

Six days later, Newcastle, who will play the League Cup final against Manchester United, are virtually forced to put forward Karius goalkeeper, who

earned the nickname ‘oil hand’ by mistakenly scoring two goals in the European Champions League final three years ago.

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