“If you think more about challenges, progress, and experiences than mistakes or failures, you will be able to show a good side of yourself.”

‘Overseas senior’ Kim Bo-gyeong (34, Suwon Samsung) gave sincere support to Oh Hyeon-gyu (22, Celtic), who was taking his first steps on the European stage.

Kim Bo-kyung made a new nest in Suwon for the 2023 season. He now takes on a new challenge wearing a blue uniform instead of the green uniform he has become accustomed to. 

Kim Bo-gyeong, who is training in Jeju, said at the K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held on the 27th, “I’ve been on many teams. Arriving in Suwon, it felt like I was in the place I was at, rather than unfamiliar. The clothes fit me well. It wasn’t difficult to adapt.” He expressed his feelings about joining.

Next, Kim Bo-gyeong said, “I joined the team late, so I couldn’t participate in the first Geoje training. I trained for the second day in Jeju.” As for the training, the coach gave me detailed instructions, so I am adapting happily.”

Suwon added strength to the midfield with Kim Bo-kyung this winter, but lost Oh Hyun-kyu, the main gun. Earlier, Oh Hyun-gyu moved to Scottish champions Celtic and stepped on the European stage. Suwon also tried to protect him, but he had no choice but to give way to Celtic’s persistent courtship and Oh Hyun-gyu’s strong will.

Kim Bo-kyung also entered the European stage at the same age as Oh Hyun-kyu. He took up the challenge in 2012 at the age of 23 wearing a Cardiff City shirt. At the time, Kim Bo-kyung could have moved to a team that offered better conditions, but he chose Cardiff, which gave him a chance to play.

11 years have already passed. Kim Bo-kyung, who has now become a veteran who has gone through all the battles, gave advice and support to his junior Oh Hyun-gyu. He looked back on his Cardiff days, saying, “I also went (overseas) at the same age as Hyeon-gyu. At that time, I was also challenging and passionate. It was a great motivation.”

Next, Kim Bo-kyung said, “Going abroad is the most difficult thing, but it is also the most possible. At the age of Hyun-gyu now, you should think more about challenges, development, and experiences than mistakes or failures. I can,” he advised. 스포츠토토

Kim Bo-kyung also revealed a regretful heart. He said, “I heard that Hyungyu is a capable player. I thought that I could help a lot while playing together. I think that we can enjoy soccer together, so there are some regrets (not being able to play together).” Since he didn’t, I thought, ‘I can help Hyeon-gyu raise more attack points this year’.”

Of course, the last word left by Kim Bo-kyung was a warm cheer. He applauded Oh Hyun-kyu, who is on the rise, saying, “It is an honor to go to Celtic as a soccer player. It is something to congratulate.”

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