Starting next year, 70 to 80 players will participate on the PGA tour, and eight competitions will be held to determine the winner through 72-hole stroke play without a cutoff.

The PGA Tour announced on the 2nd (Korean time) that it had decided on this policy after receiving approval from the Policy Committee. The Athletes Committee also includes some players such as Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland), who is ranked third in the world. Therefore, the players also agreed to this policy.

LIV Golf, which was launched with the support of Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, has already implemented a competition method that gives prize money to all players without cutoffs.

The difference from LIV golf is the number of players and number of rounds. In LIV, 48 entries determine the winner with a 54-hole match, but the PGA Tour No-Cut competition determines the final winner with a 72-hole match. This is in consideration of the fact that 54-hole matches are not reflected in world ranking points.

This policy follows measures to increase the total prize money to at least 20 million dollars by designating 17 special tournaments, including major tournaments, to give more prize money to top players. It seems that the purpose is not to lose players with LIV golf.

The PGA Tour decided to limit the qualifications for the ‘no-cut tournament’ to the 50th place in the FedEx Cup rankings last year, the 30th place in the world ranking, and the 10th place in the FedEx Cup ranking around the tournament, the winner of the tour tournament. In a word, it means that only the best players are given a chance to compete. 메이저사이트

Some uncut tournaments are still held on the PGA Tour, such as the Sentry Tournament of Champions, The CJ Cup, and the JoJo Championship. Instead, the PGA Tour plans to remove the mandatory entry rule for major tournaments, the Players Championship, and special tournaments with a total prize of 20 million dollars.

Top-level players unanimously expressed their willingness to welcome this policy. McIlroy said, “Anyone can compete in the no-cut competition if they are qualified. It’s fair,” he said. World No. 2 Scotty Scheffler and Max Homa (above USA) also welcomed ESPN to host a ‘contest without cuts’.

On the other hand, the players who left for LIV showed dissatisfaction. Lee Westwood (England), who moved to LIV, posted a somewhat mocking post on social media, saying, “Last year, only the 72-hole tournament with cuts was a real golf tournament.”

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