Hanwha Professional Baseball, which was cluttered with a manager change, is continuing a meaningful upward trend in May.

With a more solid mound at the forefront, yesterday was the thrilling first victory of the season.

This is reporter Lee Myung-no.

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Hanwha went to overtime for 3 games in a row.

SSG and Lotte are also competing for the lead.

After repeated hard battles, I finally smiled after winning the first game of the season yesterday.

[Chae Eun-seong/Hanwha]
“I think (Hanwha) has a lot of young, really strong friends. They just don’t have much experience yet.

1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss in 3 consecutive overtime matches.

It’s definitely a change from April, when they only had one win in five overtime matches.

There is a hardened mound at the center.

Last month, there were only 10 games in 24 games with three runs or less.

This month they have already prevented 10 of their 12 games with three runs or less.

The team’s ERA, which was in the 4-point range in April, also fell to the 2-point range this month.

1st overall in team ERA in May, it literally feels different.메이저사이트

In particular, the bullpen played its part and won all 6 games leading up to the 7th inning.

The idea of ​​coach Choi Won-ho, who announced the arrangement of relief pitchers, is also cruising.

[Choi Won-ho/Hanwha coach]
“I think it’s very different when I lost (in overtime), when I drew, and when I won. I think the players will gain a little more confidence because they played on an equal footing with the top players. “

Hanwha was criticized for the sudden sacking of coach Subero.

Fans are focusing their attention on whether they will be able to have victory DNA as much as they advertise ‘winning baseball’.

This is MBC News Lee Myung-no.

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