Will SSG Landers be able to sing ‘Rookie Plenty’?

SSG Song Young-jin made a good start against the Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 15th, pitching 2 scoreless innings.

It was a game in which the guts of a rookie stood out. With the start of the game, Lotte rookie leadoff Kim Min-seok was allowed a double. 1 out 3 crisis. The turn of Lotte’s center liners Koh Seung-min and Jeon Jun-woo followed.메이저사이트

Song Young-jin was not discouraged. The combination of a vertical slider falling sharply with a fastball of up to 149 km was fierce. He struck out Seung-Min Ko and threw Jun-Woo Jeon into the right field, passing the crisis without conceding a run. In the second episode, Jung Hoon, Yu Kang-nam, and Lee Ho-yeon were treated as three-person offenses one after another, raising their momentum.

SSG’s rookie draft this year is well received. Lee Rowoon in the 1st round, Youngjin Song (pitcher Lee Sang) in the 2nd round, and Jungmin Kim (outfielder) in the 3rd round all received good reviews. In addition to Song Young-jin, Kim Jung-min also played a good game that day with one hit and one walk.

For Song Young-jin, it is his first appearance in an official KBO match, even if it is an exhibition game. Song Young-jin was delighted, saying, “I wasn’t as nervous as I thought. Above all, I tried to pitch aggressively. I enjoyed it on the mound.”

Regarding the pitching of the day, he explained, “The sense of both the fastball and the breaking ball was good.

Regarding his strength, he said, “I can catch a strike with a breaking ball even with 3 balls. My strength is that I have a good crisis management ability.” The goal is to throw well,” he emphasized.

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