When will our card’s wish, V1, come true?

Woori Card has recently suffered from a foreign player. He started the 2021-2022 season with Alexandre Ferreira (registered name Alex), but suffered a knee injury during the season.

A red light was turned on on our card ahead of spring volleyball. At the time, a Woori Card official said, “Alex’s Portuguese doctor said it, but it’s not to the point that he can’t run at all. However, it seems that the player himself has anxiety.”

In the end, Woori Card quickly started looking for a new foreign player and signed a contract with Leo Andrich (registered name Andrich), who was active at OK Financial Group in the 2019-2020 season.

Andrich joined the team in a hurry, but he scored 29 points (attack success rate 55.32%) and 27 points (attack success rate 53.33%), respectively, in both the last match of the 6th round and the two consecutive matches with KEPCO leading to the semi-playoff. Although the team was eliminated in the semi-playoffs, Woori Card decided to accompany Andric for one more season.

However, Andrić only played in 5 games in the 2022-2023 season. After the match against KB Insurance in the first round, a partial tear occurred in the semicartilage plate of the right knee.

In the end, Woori Card carried out another foreign player replacement. This time, we joined hands with Lieberman Agames (registered name Agamez), who led Woori Card’s first postseason advancement in the 2018-2019 season.

However, Agamez, who came back, was already 37 years old, and it was difficult to expect the former appearance. What’s more, the injuries didn’t stop.

During the 2nd round confrontation with KB Insurance, which had been on the team for less than a month, he felt pain in his thigh and left for the warm-up zone. After examination, it was diagnosed that he had torn 8cm of his adductor muscle. However, head coach Shin Young-chul said firmly that there would be no replacement of foreign players.

Fortunately, Agamez returned to the court after four games and started to lead the team with good performances. Our card expected to fly again, but this time, there was a problem with Agamez’s elbow. He felt pain in his elbow every time he made an offensive swing and could not play in a normal condition.

In the end, it is Agamez who failed to exceed 40% of the attack success rate in 6 games, starting with the 5th round against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. As the sluggishness of foreign players, who had to play the role of a fixer, prolonged, Woori Card also fell into sluggishness and fell into a pit of 5 consecutive losses.메이저사이트

And in the 2023 Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) foreign player draft held on the 8th, coach Shin Young-cheol nominated Matei Kok (199cm, OH, Slovenia).

It is the only Woori Card that signed a contract with a new face among the clubs that chose a renewal contract and V-League experience. Director Shin Young-cheol said, “I chose it after looking at the basics, volleyball ability, and movement. I’ve been watching since day 2. The performance was good for Yos Vani Hernandez, but when he saw the receive, Matei Kok looked good,” he explained the reason.

As Na Kyung-bok, who led the team, transferred to KB Insurance, there was a power leak, but a new offensive line was built through Issey Otake (202cm, OP, Japan) and Matei Kok, who were nominated by the Asia Quarter.

Let’s see if Matei Kok, the new face of the V-League, can end the tough relationship between Woori Card and foreign players and lead them to the long-awaited V1.

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