He took on the role of an ace as a starting pitcher for the opening game, but the reality is that it is difficult to even get a chance to pitch.

In the KBO league opening game against Doosan on the 1st of last month, Lotte put Dan Straley (35) as the opening pitcher. It was the result everyone expected. Strayley returned to Lotte midway through last season and wore a Lotte uniform again this year, showing stable pitching with an average ERA of 2.31 with 4 wins and 2 losses.

Strayley’s annual salary this year is $1 million (approximately 1.3 billion won). It can be said that it is a reasonable treatment because he has already been verified in the KBO league.

But now, Strayley is cornered on all sides. After allowing three runs in the first inning of the opening match against Doosan, he started off precariously. On the 14th, in the game against Samsung in Daegu, he showed a shocking pitch with a fastball that dropped to 138km, and went through the ordeal of being voluntarily pulled out due to hamstring pain.

Strayley’s last appearance remains as a resignation against Hanwha on the 26th. At the time, Strayley threw only three innings and came down the mound. Lotte coach Larry Sutton conceived a strategy to put Strayley as a starting pitcher even before the resignation on the 30th. If the reality is that it is difficult for Strayley to take long innings, the calculation was to increase the probability of winning with a 1+1 strategy.

However, Strayley’s mound was misplaced. Lotte announced Han Hyun-hee as the starting pitcher for the Sajik Kiwoom match on the 29th, but the match was canceled due to rain. Lotte’s choice was to send Han Hyun-hee out again on the 30th. But it wasn’t like using Strayley as a 1+1 strategy. At the time, Lotte was continuing the winning streak of Pajuk. You need a strategy to win. That’s how Strayley was turned away from Lotte’s winning strategy.

Strayley was also announced as a starting pitcher against Gwangju KIA on the 4th, but he could not pitch as this game was also canceled due to rain. Lotte’s choice was cold. Lotte has been predicting Charlie Barnes as a starting pitcher from the 5th. Two matches of the weekend series against Samsung have already been canceled due to rain. Nevertheless, Lotte announced Barnes as the starting pitcher for the resignation Samsung match on the 7th.

If you are an ace, even if your mound is canceled due to rain, you will always be the starting pitcher in the next game, but Strayley seems to have already lost confidence as an ace. I have already rested for ten days. It is not known how long the closure will continue.메이저사이트

Strayley, who once boasted a formidable strikeout ability with a powerful fastball that exceeded 150 km and even earned the nickname ‘Dan Hak-gil’, was one of the players that major league clubs are interested in, and actually signed a split contract with Arizona in 2022. He could aim for a return to the big leagues. At the time, the American media gave a rosy outlook, saying, “Strayly is ahead of Arizona’s 5th starting competition,” but he was eventually released during the season and decided to return to Lotte.

Lotte brought Strayley back last year and re-recruited it with the 2023 season in mind. However, it is impossible to guarantee how long we will wait for Strayley, who has 2 losses and an ERA of 5.82 this year. Coincidentally, Lotte has prepared a stepping stone to get a ticket to fall baseball, such as a 9-game winning streak. It’s a season where you have to reap good results somehow. If Strayley can’t show the pitch of the reversal, Lotte has no choice but to take ‘action’. However, the reality is that it is difficult for Strayley to even get a chance to pitch.

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