Kim Sun-hyung and Oh Se-geun have a lot in common. The two players met on the professional basketball KBL championship stage for the second year in a row. Last year, Seoul SK laughed and Kim Seon-hyeong won the final MVP. This year, at the end of Game 7, Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation counterattacked and Oh Se-geun lifted the MVP trophy.

Prior to their professional debut, the two players played together at Chung-Ang University. From 2007 to 2010, he is the soul partner who made Chung-Ang University the strongest college basketball player. He also set a record for Pajuk’s 52 consecutive wins.

Oh Se-geun and Kim Seon-hyung went their separate ways after receiving the 1st and 2nd picks in the 2011 rookie draft. The two players have been performing steadily as KBL’s top-notch center and guard side by side.

Kim Seon-hyung and Oh Se-geun finally meet on the professional stage. It’s not about meeting enemies. From the 2023-2024 season, they will wear SK uniforms side by side and stand on the court together.

The professional basketball free agent (FA) market in 2023 peaked with Oh Se-geun’s SK transfer, a series of ‘unpredictable’ that could not be foreseen.

On the 18th, SK announced that it had signed a free agent contract with Oh Se-geun on the terms of a contract period of 3 years and a total compensation of 750 million won (including 200 million won in incentives) in the first year.

Oh Se-geun is a veteran born in 1987, but he is still in the position of the league’s top big man. He showed an overwhelming performance in seven championship games this year, averaging 19.1 points, 10.0 rebounds, and a field goal success rate of 60%.

The total remuneration of 750 million won in the first year is by no means a small amount. With bold investment, SK treated the best big man in the field. Like Kim Seon-hyung, if Oh Se-geun’s ‘form’ continues in his heyday even though he is in his mid-thirties, SK’s strength is expected to continue.

SK announced the recruitment of Oh Se-geun on the same day, and announced the news of the contract with internal free agent Choi Won-hyuk earlier. Now, attention is focused on whether to sign a contract with MVP Choi Jun-yong of the 2021-2022 season, one of the biggest fish in the FA market. The possibility of Choi Jun-yong’s transfer is weighted as a significant investment was made in recruiting an external free agent.

Through the club, Oh Se-geun said, “I think I have achieved some results, such as winning four championships at KGC Ginseng Corporation. I wanted to try for another championship by playing in a new environment and a new team,” he said. revealed메이저사이트

“SK is a team that is close to winning the championship and is a club that players want to go to. There are many close players, including Il-young Heo, whom I became close with while being roommates during my time as a U-representative, and Seon-hyung Kim, who was with me during the heyday of Chung-Ang University, so I want to enjoy the end of my career as a player. It was a difficult decision, but we decided to move the team.”

It was not an easy decision to leave Anyang. Oh Se-geun said, “I would like to express my gratitude to the KGC Ginseng Corporation club, which has not spared much support in the meantime, and I will move to a new team, but I will never forget the love and support sent by the Ginseng Corporation fans and continue my career with a grateful heart.” revealed

On the other hand, Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation has won the championship twice in the last 3 years and has established itself as a prestigious club rising in the 2010s, but it is not able to protect the main players in the FA market. Following Lee Jae-do and Jeon Seong-hyun, Moon Seong-gon and Oh Se-geun left the team this year.

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