Samsung Lee Seong-gyu (30) became the best star in this year’s exhibition game.

He hit 5 home runs and tied for first place in the home run category with Noh Si-hwan of Hanwha.

The feeling of hitting that has continued since the spring camp practice game continued to the demonstration game. Expectations are rising that he will be able to take over a spot in the outfield where Kim Hyun-joon’s injury left a hole. 메이저사이트

Samsung coach Park Jin-man said, “Lee Seong-gyu definitely has confidence. If this momentum can be continued, good results are expected. The early part of the season is important for him, and he believes he can have a successful season as long as he can pull off the early pace.”

And he added one more word. “The club’s consideration had a good effect. I am just grateful.”

What is the correlation between Lee Seong-kyu’s growth and the club’s consideration? Why did coach Park say thank you to the club?

The reason was at spring camp.

Samsung is considered one of the teams that spent the spring camp most fruitfully. I set up a camp in Okinawa, Japan, and trained in one place without moving.

Thanks to the camp in Okinawa, Japanese professional baseball teams were flooded with love calls for practice games, and they were able to start practice games from February 9, earlier than any other team.

This year, even the changeable weather in Okinawa was calmer than in previous years. The best weather for training continued.

However, it was not simply thanks to the fact that the first team camp was held in one place without moving. Lee Seong-gyu started spring camp at the 2nd Army camp.

Fortunately, the spring camp for the second group was also held in Okinawa. From Akama Stadium, the 1st team camp, to Ishikawa Stadium, the 2nd team camp, it took a long drive, at least 30 minutes. If he wanted to, the coach could create an opportunity to visit the camp at any time.

An environment was created in which only Park Jin-man, the only manager among the 10 team coaches, could visit both the 1st and 2nd division camps.

As the coach went back and forth between the 1st and 2nd team camps, the players in the 2nd team camp were also able to receive good stimulation. If you do well, you can have hope that you can move to the 1st team camp anytime.

In fact, quite a few players have moved from the 2nd team camp to the 1st team camp. Among them, Kim Dong-yeop and Lee Seong-gyu, who were considered promising players for later years, were included.

In particular, after joining the first team camp, Lee Seong-gyu caught the eye of coach Park Jin-man by wielding a hard hit in a practice game. He was a player included in Coach Park’s Plan C, but Plan A grew rapidly due to his performance in practice games and Kim Hyun-joon’s injury.

This was the reason why manager Park Jin-man expressed his gratitude to the club.

Samsung was able to set up a 2nd army camp overseas through bold investment. Also, by setting up a camp in Okinawa, which is not much different from the first team in terms of distance, Park was placed in a position where he could virtually command both the first and second teams.

In the process, I was able to discover Lee Seong-gyu’s growth, and Lee Seong-gyu is meeting the director’s expectations 200%. This was the reason why Samsung was not greatly shaken by the large-scale bad news of Kim Hyun-joon’s injury vacancy.

Director Park said, “Because I was able to directly observe the 2nd Army camp, it can be said that Lee Seong-gyu’s growth also caught my eye. I think the club benefited from the bold investment. Thank you. Lee Seong-gyu is showing a better appearance as the match goes on. If the current confidence continues until the season, it will be a great strength. He is showing a gradual improvement as he continues to go out on defense as well. If Lee Seong-gyu settles down as a center fielder, the team will have great destructive power. I want him to show the spirit of colliding without fear.”

The club’s bold investment became a stepping stone for manager Park Jin-man to prepare Plan B and Plan C in case of an emergency. Samsung did not have any significant power reinforcement last winter, but it created a sensation in the demonstration game.

This is an example that proves that only player recruitment is not an investment. He invested heavily in team training and led internal training and competition. So far, it can be said to be very successful.

Can Samsung’s investment prove its strength in the regular season? For now, the first step will be to see if Lee Seong-gyu is drugged.

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