“I want to finish the tour happily while meeting the fans.”

Lee Bo-mi (34) decided to wrap up her activities on the Japan Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour after her season.

On the 27th, Lee Bo-mi said through her management company, G-Ad Sports, “I plan to retire from the Japanese stage at the end of this year.” revealed However, even after her JLPGA, her tour, and her retirement, she plans to continue her activities in Korea in her spare time.

Lee Bo-mi, who will be participating in Daikin Orchid, the opening game of the JLPGA Tour 2023 season to be held at the Ryukyu Golf Club in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan from March 2, said in a phone call with E-Daily that day, “I have announced my intention to retire earlier than originally planned.” As I decided to wrap up my activities on the JLPGA tour, I want to say goodbye in a good way while meeting more fans and repaying the love they have given me in one more event.”

Lee Bo-mi, who made her debut on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour in 2009, won 4 wins in total and moved to the JLPGA tour in 2011 after sweeping the prize money, grand prize, and lowest stroke award in 2010.

In her first year, she went back and forth between Korea and Japan to carry out her tour activities, and after starting to focus on the JLPGA tour in 2012, she won the Yokohama Tire PRGR Race Cup and accumulated 21 victories until the 2017 CAT Ladies.

In 2015 and 2016, he swept all of the JLPGA Tour prize money, grand prize, and batting average awards, and in 2015, he won 230,497,057 yen in prize money alone, exceeding 200 million yen in a single season for the first time in JLPGA Tour history.

Although the news of the championship was cut off at the end of 2017, Lee Bo-mi continued her steady activities until last year. In December 2019, she married actress Kim Tae-hee’s younger brother Lee Wan and started her own family.

Lee Bo-mi, who continued her tour activities after her marriage, was about to wrap up her JLPGA tour activities after her last season, but at the request of her sponsors and fans, she decided to extend her activities for another year.

While active on the JLPGA tour, Lee Bo-mi secured a thick fan base and enjoyed more popularity than a sports star. In addition to being a professional golfer, she has been active in TV shows.

The reason Lee Bo-mi, who still has many fans, extended her retirement period by one more year because she wanted to make more memories with her fans.

Lee Bo-mi, who extended her retirement, left for Irvine, California, USA at the beginning of this month for the new season, and sweated again while training on the battery. 메이저사이트

Lee Bo-mi said, “I prepared for my retirement season by rounding and polishing my shots every day for about two weeks.”

The JLPGA Tour retirement stage is planned for the Nobuta Group Masters GC Ladies, which will be held at the Masters Golf Club in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan from October 19th. The competition is hosted by the Nobuta Group, which sponsors and manages Lee Bo-mi.

After 13 years of JLPGA tour activities are completed, I will prepare for active retirement by playing on the KLPGA tour for 1-2 years.

Lee Bo-mi, who won 21 wins in Japan alone, received a permanent seeding right with a record of 20 or more wins in a single tour according to the KLPGA tour regulations.

He has not confirmed his KLPGA tour activity plan this year, but he plans to participate in at least three tournaments, perform similar activities next year, and prepare to say goodbye to domestic fans.

Lee Bo-mi said, “I worked in Japan for 13 years, and although it was difficult, it was a fun and happy time.” I will show you the image of Lee Bo-mi.”

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