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Jeonbuk Hyundai FW Song Min-

Looking back, 2022 seems to have been a bittersweet year for Song. It was a story that made Song Min-gyu proud that he was able to seize the chance to participate in the World Cup, which is given only to selected players, starting from an unknown player’s position. However, he also harbors regret that he could not participate in the game. It was the same in his team, Jeonbuk Hyundai. As one of Jeonbuk’s main strikers, he received many opportunities and did his best, but the team’s failure to win the K-League 1 was disappointing.

Song Min-gyu, who remembers both his good memories and his regrettable moments, said that starting the 2023 season, he was able to have a greater sense of purpose thanks to that lack. Because he hadn’t played the game, he was able to have a sense of goal to grow even more in the next World Cup, and because of last year’s performance, which was 2% less, he seemed to have the motivation to do really well, not just a little this year. Standing on a new starting line, Song Min-kyu’s motivation seems to be hotter than ever.

A clearer sense of goal because you couldn’t run, the World Cup

Q. Nice to meet you. As soon as the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is over, we are ready for the season. Isn’t it hard?
“It’s not hard. The coach took care of the players’ convenience so that they could rest more. Thanks to them, I recovered well.”

Q. Over the past 4 years, you have set various goals such as making your professional debut and settling down, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the Qatar World Cup, and achieved them step by step. Now, with another four years to go with different goals and motivation, he said,
“Once you think back to when you first came pro with no name, you’ve achieved a lot. I didn’t achieve everything, but I was able to go to the Olympics and the World Cup. Of course, I regret not being able to participate in the World Cup, but I think I have gained a lot of experience. From this year, I want to focus on my team’s performance. And I don’t know what the age limit will be, but I think I have to do my best to participate in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. do.”

Q. Since the Qatar World Cup has been discussed, I would like to ask a question. I think the thought of wanting to play even for one minute was really big, but
“It’s natural for a player to want to play. I think I had a good experience because I thought I had to do the best I could without bothering others.”

Q. It must have been a great experience to see everything there because it was a World Cup only by hearing it and seeing it with your eyes
. It’s a tournament that I thought about that even before the announcement. Thanks to you, I think I have a new goal now 카지노사이트. I grit my teeth and prepare. I think I really have that sense of purpose.”

“Year of the Rabbit, so my year”

Q. How do you think Jeonbuk will be in the new season? A lot of good players such as Amano and Lee Dong-jun entered the second line of attack. “Just by looking at the members, I think I can understand why our team is the best in the K-League. I have such a strong confidence that I
can really treble this year. That competition is what any team should do. If you fail in a competition, you have to try to succeed again through that failure. I think that’s a player’s duty.” Q. There seems to be a little bit of regret about your performance last year, but if you say, “It’s not that I’m sorry, I didn’t do much. Personally, I want to say that I didn’t do well. I think it is. I tried to find the part that I need to improve while watching the video of last year’s game. This year, I think I have to show a lot better than last year.” Q. This year is the year of the rabbit. Isn’t Minkyu Song the year of the rabbit? “That’s right. So I think this year will be my year (laughs). I always have the confidence to make it happen. I really want to finish this year with a smile at the end of the season with my colleagues, staff, and most of all, the fans. We know that in order to entertain you, you have to do well in the league after all, and we intend to do our best.

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