Pro baseball team’s housekeeping, especially the labor cost for the players, is exponentially increasing in the major leagues as well.

It was found that the overall payroll in the major leagues has reached an all-time high. The AP reported on the 19th (Korean time) that the Los Angeles Dodgers were levied a luxury tax of 32.4 million dollars (approximately 40 billion won) and will have to pay the luxury tax for the second year in a row. Six teams were forced to pay the luxury tax, and the total payroll in the major leagues, which resumed after the lockout, was $4.56 billion last year, a record high.’

According to the Associated Press, the New York Mets posted an all-time high payroll of $299.8 million, breaking the previous record of $297.9 million held by the Dodgers in 2015.

The Dodgers, the New York Mets, the Philadelphia Phillies, the New York Yankees, the San Diego Padres, and the Boston Red Sox all have to pay a luxury tax that exceeds last year’s levy of $230 million. The combined luxury tax for these teams was $78.7 million, surpassing the all-time high of $74 million paid by six teams in 2016.

The Dodgers paid $32.4 million in luxury taxes last year on a $293.3 million payroll. Last year, it paid $32.6 million. However, some of the unpaid salary while Trevor Bauer was suspended will be included in this year’s payroll following an independent arbitrator’s decision to reduce it.

The size of the luxury tax is $30.8 million for the Mets, $9.7 million for the Yankees, $2.9 million for Philadelphia, $1.5 million for San Diego, and $1.2 million for Boston.

In particular, the Mets will pay the first time since the introduction of the luxury tax system in 2003. The reason why the luxury tax is lower even though the payroll is higher than that of the Dodgers is that the Dodgers applied the progressive rate for two consecutive years. In the case of the Mets, this year’s payroll is expected to approach $400 million, thanks to the active investment stance of owner Steve Cohen.

The team to watch out for is the Dodgers. This is because he seldom opened his wallet to the extent that the word ‘tightened his belt’ came out this offseason. The Dodgers caught inside free agent Clayton Kershaw for $20 million, and brought in Noah Syndergaard ($13 million, 1 year), JD Martinez ($10 million, 1 year), and Shelby Miller ($1.5 million, 1 year) from outside. . None of the major internal free agents such as Trey Turner, Justin Turner, Tyler Anderson, and Andrew Heaney were caught. 온라인바카라

Based on the luxury tax this year, the payroll is $233 million. The expected payroll for the Dodgers this year based on player contracts so far is $238.3 million. It is slightly over the standard, but the Dodgers’ goal is to reduce it to below that level. It is to ‘reset’ so that the progressive rate is not applied by lowering it below the luxury tax standard.

Why is the Dodgers so desperate to cut payroll? There is only one reason. Rumors are persuasive that it is to catch Shohei Ohtani, who will appear on the free agent market at the end of this year. Otherwise, the Dodgers have no reason to hesitate in the free agent market.

Ohtani’s free agency market price has already soared to $500 million. This is the opinion of most agents and club officials.

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