Japanese major league pitching star Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) is expected to be delayed joining the Japanese national team.

Angels coach Phil Nevin appeared on ‘MLB Network Radio’ on the 4th (Korean time) and said about Ohtani, who will participate in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) next month, ‘Spend with us at the beginning of spring camp. “I will start before joining the national team,” said the plan.

The Angels will hold a spring camp in Tempe, Arizona, USA, and go to an exhibition game. It is difficult to join the Japanese national team’s camp training in Miyazaki from the start. 스포츠토토

The most realistic plan is for Ohtani to join early next month after developing a sense of real combat in the U.S. Ohtani has been improving his condition since entering Tempe at the end of last month. The Angels’ pitcher will begin spring training on the 16th. Coach Nevin said, “I look forward to meeting Ohtani next week.”

Japan coach Hideki Kuriyama has five major leaguers joining the national team early to match the teamwork of key players. San Diego Padres pitcher Yu Darvish said he would participate from the first day of Miyazaki’s training with the club’s permission, but Ohtani, Seiya Suzuki (Chicago Cubs), Masataka Yoshida (Boston Red Sox), and Lars Nuthba (St. Cardinals) early joining is unclear.

Coach Kuriyama said, “If you want to make (WBC) a really good tournament, I think it’s also important to let players do what they want to do. It’s also for the future. I have to say it. It’s not for Japan. do,” he claimed.

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