On the 30th, KOVO (Korea Volleyball Federation) announced an apology for the situation in which a practice ball was used instead of a game ball during a professional volleyball game.

During the 3rd set of the ‘IBK Industrial Bank vs. Pepper Savings Bank’ match held at the Hwaseong Sports Complex Indoor Gymnasium on the 26th, the scene where the practice ball was used was clearly reflected on the relay screen. 스포츠토토

KOVO recognized this on the same day. Afterwards, as a result of grasping the situation, the game ball before the start of the game was confirmed without any problems. In addition, sets 1 and 2 operated normally. Afterwards, it was confirmed that during the break right after the second set, the practice ball the players were training with and the game ball possessed by the ball retriever were mixed.

In the end, I couldn’t filter it out before the start of the 3rd set. Accordingly, the game ball and practice ball were used together in the third set.

Although the game ball and practice ball are the same model, they are distinctly different. Also, there may be a slight difference in pressure, so it is true that replacements are being prepared or one-point servers are sensitive to the sense of the ball. But the rules do exist.

Players should use practice balls before matches and between sets. The operating staff must not hand over the ball to the players between sets.

KOVO apologized to volleyball fans. At the same time, to prevent a recurrence in the future, it was announced that it would strengthen management and training for game operation personnel.

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