Lee Young-mi (60) was appointed as the new CEO of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Tour (KLPGT).

KLPGT announced on the 19th that at the 2023 KLPGT 5th Board of Directors held at the office in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, the new representative, who is the vice president of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) and a director of KLPGT, was elected.안전놀이터

Lee Young-mi, who was appointed as the CEO, joined the KLPGA as a regular member in 1985 and holds a personal record of 20 wins, including 3 wins on the KLPGA regular tour, 8 wins on the JLPGA tour, and 9 wins on the KLPGA Champions Tour.

CEO Lee Young-mi has served as a director of KLPGA since 2012 and vice president of KLPGA since 2016. From May 2020 to March of last year, she was appointed co-CEO of KLPGT, and she also held an adjunct position.

She has a three-year term as KLPGT CEO, and she carries out various tasks for the development of KLPGT, such as attracting new sponsorships and maintaining relationships with sponsors.

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