The national soccer team concluded its two-match June A series against Peru (0-1 loss) and El Salvador (1-1 draw). While the 1-1 draws were disappointing, they provided a glimpse into the mindset of head coach Jürgen Klinsmann (GER) as he begins a generational transition to the Asian Cup in Qatar early next year and the North and Central American World Cup in 2026.

While the March doubleheader against Colombia and Uruguay was more of a celebration of last year’s World Cup round of 16 run, the June doubleheader was more interesting as it featured players that Klinsmann and his coaching staff decided on together.

The eloquent Klinsmann also made a special comment during the A-Match week. In an official press conference a day before the match against El Salvador at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on Tuesday, he once again focused on the next generation of Korean soccer stars.

The doubleheader comes shortly after the U-20 national team defied expectations to reach the quarterfinals of the FIFA U-20 World Cup. “It’s fun to see the players we have now and the players who will be coming up in the future in the national team,” Klinsmann said. “I think the fans recognize it because we sell out every game,” Klinsmann said. “We have a lot of inquiries from Europe about (U-20 national team) players.

“There are a lot of inquiries from Europe about (the U-20 national team) players,” he said, though he didn’t name names. Kim Ji-soo (Seongnam FC), who has already played in the U-20 World Cup, traveled to Brentford in the English Premier League (EPL) on Nov. 21. “You have to be more hungry and hungry for growth,” Klinsmann said. If we want to go to Europe, we need to challenge ourselves more confidently. Our role is to help young players with a bright future,” Klinsmann said, emphasizing the need for proactive and enterprising attitudes in the soccer world as a whole.

Klinsmann has long been a proponent of players reaching Europe. Some of the veterans who were selected for the ‘Klinsmann boat’ say, “He’s definitely in favor of Europe. He doesn’t say it, but if you’re in similar shape, he gives you more points for high-level experience.”온라인카지노

It’s not a bad thing. It’s not that the K-League is being ignored. On the contrary, it’s a call to capitalize on this opportunity. Former coach Paulo Bento (Portugal), who led the team to a successful World Cup in Qatar, has also helped the Taegeuk Warriors directly and indirectly in their journey to Europe. Immediate central defender Park Ji-soo (Portimonense) also received help from Ventura. “Utilizing the power of the network and recommendations of well-known coaches who have had successful playing careers can be very beneficial for the national team,” is a common view among many soccer players.

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