Gwanghyeon should throw up to 3000 innings.”

Kim “KK” Gwang-hyeon will start in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League regular season away game against the Hanwha Eagles at Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park on the 8th. He has a special record ahead of him on this day.

Kwang-Hyun Kim was nominated by the SK Wyverns (currently SSG) as the first pick in the 2007 KBO Rookie Draft. Since his rookie days, he has been evaluated as a talent to lead Korean baseball, and he is still standing at the top even after well over 10 years.메이저사이트

Kim Gwang-hyun is recording 1997.2 innings in his career. He pitched 1852.0 innings in the KBO league and 145.2 innings in the major leagues. There are only 2.1 innings left until 2000 innings.

Only 7 people have played more than 2000 innings in KBO league history. Starting with Song Jin-woo, the main characters are Jeong Min-cheol, Lee Kang-cheol, Kim Won-hyung, Bae Young-soo, Yang Hyeon-jong, and Han Yong-deok.

innings He still has 148.0 innings to digest. However, if you look at the Korean-American total, he also has a record that can be enough to put his name in the history of Korean baseball.

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung, who has already been named the record holder for 2000 innings, was surprised to hear this news. “I think 2000 innings is a very symbolic record in Korea,” he said. “I think it means that I did well consistently and suffered a lot for a long time.”

He said, “I think Gwanghyun should throw 3,000 innings. In Korea, the only record holder is Song Jin-woo. I think the player who can do more than that is Kwang-hyeon.”

Then, what is the secret of Kwang-hyun Kim’s long run from the perspective of coach Kim? He said, “Basically, he is a meticulous player in what he has to do. He may have innate physical conditions, but that doesn’t mean he can unconditionally play baseball for a long time. It is important how much he consistently manages himself. I think that part is really important. And Gwanghyeon did it,” he praised.

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