1991 Eastern Conference Finals. The Chicago Bulls, led by Michael Jordan, finally defeated the Detroit Pistons.

Detroit’s key players, including Isaiah Thomas, left the court even before the game was over.

At the end of the series, it was customary to congratulate and encourage each other by shaking hands.

Seeing this, Jordan put on a look of disbelief. From this point on, Jordan began to hold a grudge against Thomas.

He still criticizes Thomas for what happened then, saying it was “impossible.”
However, Thomas fights back, saying, “Other teams did that too.” The two are still not reconciling over the incident.

A similar thing happened on the 29th (Korean time).

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Memphis Grizzlies, Western Conference Playoffs, Game 6, Round 1.

The Lakers won by 40 points. They defeated Memphis with a record of 4 wins and 2 losses in the series and advanced to the semifinals of the conference.

However, LeBron James left the court with 14.1 seconds left in the fourth quarter. He wasn’t even injured.

After the game, I had to shake hands with the Memphis players.

But James just left.

CBS Sports in the US said, “It reminds me of 1991.”


Was it because he didn’t want to shake hands with Dylan Brooks, who provoked him throughout the series?온라인카지노

Dylan teased James before the series. In particular, the phrase “James is old” seems to have touched James’ planting greatly.

He even said, “I will respect you if you put 40 points in front of me.”

James was also a ‘human’.

Meanwhile, Memphis is known to have decided not to re-sign with Brooks.

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