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Kim Tae-seok has a cup of soccer .

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann has the most brilliant interview skills among all Korean national soccer team coaches. No, even if you look overseas, I wonder if there is anyone with this strong of a mentality. Despite the harsh public opinion atmosphere, he responded with brilliant speech and a smile on his face.

안전놀이터I don’t know if you know the Korean proverb that says you can’t spit on his smiling face, but Coach Klinsmann smiled and didn’t flinch even when reporters asked him ‘scratching questions’. However, the comments made with a smile were peppered with thorns. From his first reply on his return to Korea, “It would have been better if you had come to England and seen our game in person,” he criticized the Korean media for only talking about it at home and not covering it from the field.

When asked why he changed his itinerary and came back to Korea instead of staying in Europe, he answered, “You guys told me to come in.” He must have felt that the atmosphere was not good for a moment and tried to move on with his characteristic friendly smile. He said, “The Korea Football Association said that when I return from an overseas away game, a lot of media are waiting at the airport. It’s something new because I never experienced it when I was the coach of Germany or the United States.”

Although it was said that it was nice to have such a welcoming atmosphere, no one was welcome at the scene and Director Klinsmann was aware of this. Although he is smiling, it is clearly a way of speaking that subtly provokes the other person. At the same time, he said, “I hope you all (media) will see it in Qatar,” which was once again a subtle touch on the behavior of Korean media that is not active in covering overseas away games, while at the same time expressing confidence that they will show properly in the finals. If you look closely at each word, his interview is at a level comparable to that of a politician.

In any case, to sum up the argument that Coach Klinsmann wanted to leave in one word, it is that the national team, which aims to win the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup, should not be shaken from the outside like this. He said that this is the case of his country’s German national soccer team, which had the worst performance at the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup, and emphasized that external forces (media or fans) that shake the national team must unite in a positive atmosphere for success. did.

At first glance, this is also true. The national team that everyone is watching is truly vulnerable to external shocks such as public opinion. Korean media and fans are very aware of the past cases of national teams that were shaken by issues inside and outside the game and eventually collapsed. So even after Coach Klinsmann took office, everyone tried to watch carefully.

Performance issues? Even if you feel anxious, it’s okay. As Coach Klinsmann insisted, the March A-match was held to see the skills of the members of the last Qatar World Cup, and the June A-match was held in a situation where Son Heung-min was injured and Kim Min-jae was absent. Lee Kang-in was not present in the A match this September either. As Coach Klinsmann said, we have never fought at 100% power. Because he knows that, he doesn’t raise his voice loudly about performance issues, to the point where he feels somewhat disappointed.

The real problem is not the team but the manager. If he was a person who knew that a positive atmosphere was essential for the team to achieve its goals, he should not have said or done something that would cause so much controversy. Currently, he does not understand or acknowledge at all that he created ‘all the negative and negative things’ that caused Germany to explode, which Director Klinsmann is worried about now.

Coach Klinsmann’s press conference this time was filled with remarks that although he was forced to persuade the Korea Football Association, it was not in the way he wanted. Although the interview ended with a smile, all media that heard Coach Klinsmann’s words that day will be watching his actions and the national team’s performance with even harsher eyes.

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