Kim Min-jae’s SSC Napoli (hereafter Napoli) challenges to a scoreless victory in the Spezia Calcio (hereafter Spezia) expedition. Thanks to Kim Min-jae’s performance, Napoli, which is aiming for the championship for the first time in 33 years, is at the top with 53 points in 20 games. In the first match of the new year against Inter Milan, they recorded their first loss in the league, but since then, they have won four consecutive wins, widening the gap with Inter Milan in second place by 13 points. The 22-23 Serie A 21st round Spezia vs. Napoli match, which draws attention to Kim Min-jae’s performance, will be held today (Sunday the 5th) at 8:30 pm. 카지노

Napoli’s central defense, composed of Kim Min-jae and Amir Rahmani, boasted a sense of stability by allowing only two runs during the four-game winning streak. In particular, after the victory against AS Roma, manager Jose Mourinho, who was the enemy manager, praised him, saying, “Kim Min-jae is a fantastic player.” Recognized by Mourinho, Kim Min-jae wants to continue his momentum and contribute to the team’s 5th consecutive league victory. It is noteworthy whether Kim Min-jae, who took a break from his first confrontation with Spezia, will participate in this match and lead Napoli to a scoreless victory. Napoli is recording 15 goals, the lowest in the league, thanks to the performances of Kim Min-jae, Rahmani, and ‘keeper’ Alex Meret.

Napoli, which boasts an iron-clad defense, is showing off its powerful destructive power by scoring 48 points, the most in the league, in offense. ‘Serie A top scorer’ Victor Osimen is recording 14 goals and 3 assists, and ‘Serie A top scorer’ Hvica Kvarachhelia has 7 goals and 8 assists. In addition, Mario Hui and Fiort Zielinski recorded 6 assists each and opened the way for the team’s attack.

 Meanwhile, Spezia, located 17th in the league, challenges the points to widen the gap with the relegation zone. ‘Main gun’ Mbala Nzola, who scored 9 of the team’s 17 goals this season, missed the previous two games due to injury, but is set to return in this game.

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